Photo: Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai.


A wide range of accommodation is found in both New Sukhothai and Old Sukhothai -- which district you choose depends on the sort of scene that bests suits your tastes. Especially in New Sukhothai, stiff competition has resulted in some of the best-value budget digs found anywhere in Thailand. You’ll also find a growing number of more luxurious options, particularly in Old Sukhothai.


Where to stay in Sukhothai?
Backpacker - Under 600B

Sukhothai is split into two distinct districts: Old Sukhothai, which is home to the historical park, and the more happening riverside city of New Sukhothai, located 12 kilometres east of the ruins. Great places to stay can be found in both Old and New, but which is right for you? New versus Old New Sukhothai is actually quite old, as evidenced by the many century-old wood houses and temples... Read our full review of Where to stay in Sukhothai?.

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New Sukhothai

Most budget travellers still opt for one of the outstanding-value budget guesthouses found on the west side of the Yom River in New Sukhothai. Flashpackers also have some good choices here.

Lotus Village
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
170 Ratchathanee Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (055) 621 484

Sukhothai’s original boutique resort, Lotus Village remains a terrific choice with an interesting location. Look no further if you seek peace and quiet, relaxation and maybe even a detox programme. With lotus ponds and bushy tropical flowers lining teak bungalows on both sides of a sandy lane, approaching the property does feel a bit like entering a traditional Thai village. Greenery... Read our full review of Lotus Village.

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Blue House and Green House
Backpacker - Under 600B
295/34 Sirisamarung Rd (off Jarod Vithithong Rd), New Sukhothai
T: (055) 614 863

Set at the quiet end of a side lane that shoots north off Jarod Vithithong within sight of the songthaew stop, Blue House opened in 2014 alongside its sister property, Green House, to offer a great range of clean and affordable rooms. Blue House looks spotless and feels pleasant as soon as you leave your shoes at the door and step into the reception area, which doubles as a common room with... Read our full review of Blue House and Green House.

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Foresto Guesthome
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
16/1 Pravet Nakhon Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (083) 213 4112

Opened in 2014, Foresto Guesthome is one of the best of the many flashpacker-range properties to have hit Sukhothai in recent years. Stretching back for quite a distance on either side of a walkway lined with flowers and fountains, the modern-style rooms feature polished concrete floors, wall-to-ceiling windows and huge redbrick awnings. All rooms are spacious, well kept and equipped with... Read our full review of Foresto Guesthome.

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TR Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
27/5 Pravet Nakhon Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (055) 611 663

Set in a solid location within an easy walk of the river, night market and songthaew pick-up point, TR Guesthouse offers some of the best value in New Sukhothai's highly competitive budget market. In the main building up front you can settle into a spacious and clean double or single room with firm bed, hot water shower and your choice of powerful fan or air-con. With sky-blue tile floors and... Read our full review of TR Guesthouse.

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Ban Thai Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
38 Pravet Nakhon Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (055) 610 163

Located along a riverside lane just south of the bridge, Ban Thai Guesthouse has been around for decades and continues to deliver solid-value budget rooms in an old-school backpacker setting. Set in a venerable dark-wood building, the cheapest rooms are cramped but charming with several windows draped in light cotton curtains and decent beds cooled by fans. These rely on simple shared hot-water... Read our full review of Ban Thai Guesthouse.

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Hang Jeng Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
44/10 Pravet Nakhon Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (055) 610 585

A few hundred metres past Ban Thai down a sleepy lane near the river, Hang Jeng Guesthouse is another old-school spot with a fitting slogan: “Welcome with open arms”. We arrived to find the endearing elderly owner watching a mountain climbing movie with an older European guest. Wearing a seemingly permanent smile, he led us upstairs to check out a few of the 15 rooms opening onto large shared... Read our full review of Hang Jeng Guesthouse.

Pai Sukhothai Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
3 Pravet Nakhon Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (080) 898 8848

Centrally located near several other guesthouses and traveller-oriented restaurants, Pai Sukhothai Resort has plain but comfortable rooms to go with a small swimming pool. Set in a two-floor hotel-style building, the standard rooms have barely enough space to squeeze in soft double beds over the white-tile floors -- these are clean and air-conditioned but rely on shared hot-water bathrooms.... Read our full review of Pai Sukhothai Resort.

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Phuaroon Resort
Backpacker - Under 600B
181/5 Khuhasuwan Rd, New Sukhothai
T: (055) 620 911

Easily overlooked despite its location within a three-minute stroll down a leafy path from the bus station, Phuaroon Resort is a small Thai-style place with rooms that punch above their price tags. The cheapest rooms come in a Thai-style dark-wood building with several screened windows, TVs, fridges, tables, wall-mounted fans in addition to air-con and firm beds with soft linens. The hot-water... Read our full review of Phuaroon Resort.

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Old Sukhothai (near the historical park)

While Old Sukhothai does offer a few old-style cheap guesthouses near the ruins, it’s best known for a recent influx of flashpacker- to luxury-range boutique hotels and resorts. Some of the best accommodation in the area (Thai Thai, Vieng Tawan, Scent of Sukhothai) is found in a quiet neighourhood off Napho-Khirimas Road (Highway 1272), but keep in mind that it’s 1.5 kilometres from here to the historical park.

Scent of Sukhothai Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
95/14 Moo 3 (off Napho-Khirimas Rd), Old Sukhothai
T: (055) 697 234

One of five places to stay found down a quiet cul de sac within a 10-minute bike ride of the historical park, Scent of Sukhothai boasts a huge swimming pool, great service and comfy rooms. The medium-size resort’s Thai-style room blocks are made of concrete and red bricks with wood trim and broad sloping roofs, all spread around a large lawn with frangipani trees and one of the better pools... Read our full review of Scent of Sukhothai Resort.

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Legendha Sukhothai Resort
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
214 Jarod Vithithong Rd, Old Sukhothai
T: (055) 697 214

Legendha Resort is one of the best of several Thai-style midrange resorts to have arrived in Old Sukhothai since the mid 2000s. Done up in a traditional Thai theme with graceful dark-wood villas and larger buildings designed to mimic 19th-century Thai palaces, the grounds boast lush flower gardens, pavilions, fountains and ponds forded by sloping wooden footbridges. The cheapest rooms come... Read our full review of Legendha Sukhothai Resort.

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Thai Thai Guesthouse
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
407/4 Moo 3 (off Napho-Khirimas Rd), Old Sukhothai
T: (084) 932 1006

Open since 2010 but already something of a veteran among the resorts and guesthouses found in this quiet neighbourhood, Thai Thai Guesthouse’s exceptionally friendly staff offers cushy rooms in a mini village setup. Set in a two-storey building towards the back of the grounds, the cheapest rooms come with soft beds draped in high-quality linens, fridges, TVs, desks, air-con, spacious hot-water... Read our full review of Thai Thai Guesthouse.

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Vieng Tawan Guesthouse
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
89/29 Moo 3 (off Napho-Khirimas Rd), Old Sukhothai
T: (088) 677 2999

Set at the far end of Old Sukhothai’s quiet accommodation neighbourhood off Napho-Khirimas Road, Vieng Tawan serves up good-value rooms in a two-floor building with faux-heritage touches. The newish purpose-built building sports dark-brown walls, gingerbread eaves, chandeliers, basket furniture and black-and-white photos of Sukhothai’s monuments in open-side common areas found on both... Read our full review of Vieng Tawan Guesthouse.

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Old City Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
28/7 Jarod Vithithong Rd (just east of the historical park), Old Sukhothai
T: (055) 697 515

One of the oldest places to stay in Old Sukhothai, Old City Guesthouse has a few different buildings with rickety fan rooms and straightforward air-con editions within a two-minute walk of the historical park. Dirt-cheap fan rooms occupy a Thai-style teakwood house that we were told is well over a century old; at first glance it looks like it could have been preserved simply to add to the... Read our full review of Old City Guesthouse.

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