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Getting a good room in Chumphon is no problem as there are some good guesthouses and several good value hotels as well as a bunch of travel agents with cheap rooms for rent.

Suda Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
8 Soi Bangkok Bank, off Tatapao Rd, Chumphon
T: (077) 504-366

This is a squeaky clean, pleasant, efficiently-run place and the owner, Suda, aims to keep her guests happy. The rooms are an exceptional deal for the price, and there's a nice lobby to hang out in on the second floor. Add 100 THB to the prices below if you want air-con. Showers are available for 20 THB even if you're not staying here. Thanks to a favourable review in a popular travel guide that... Read our full review of Suda Guesthouse.

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Backpacker - Under 600B
Near the train station, Chumphon
T: (077) 502 900

This was the first guest house in Chumphon, founded and run by Miao, a colourful old lady who's something of a local institution in her own right. The New Chumphon Guest House is the same as the old one--Miao added the word 'new' at one point just for giggles. If you're looking to save money and don't care about amenities, head straight here. The teak rooms have a nice atmosphere, the flop-house... Read our full review of New Chumphon Guesthouse.

Sri Tai Fa Hotel
Backpacker - Under 600B
73-75 Sala Daeng Rd, Chumphon
T: (077) 501 690

This is another Chinese-style hotel, with rooms similar to the Sureya, but the atmosphere couldn't be more different. Time seems to have passed it by, still clinging with the vestiges of by-gone days. The lobby entrance used to serve as a restaurant, but most of that activity seems to have moved next door. The rooms are small and comfy, though they seem to be getting a little shabby and a bit... Read our full review of Sri Tai Fa Hotel.

Suriwong Chumphon Hotel
Backpacker - Under 600B
125/30 Sala Daeng Rd, Chumphon
T: (077) 511 203

The interior of the Suriwong looks like a hospital, with cavernous white-tiled hallways, but like a lot of buildings of similar construction, the air inside is wonderfully cool. The staff run the place more like a road-side noodle stand than a hotel, and keep the lobby filled with activity and banter unrelated to the hospitality industry. But this turns out to be a good thing, giving a... Read our full review of Suriwong Chumphon Hotel.

Morakot Hotel
Backpacker - Under 600B
102-112 Tawee Sinka Rd, Chumphon
T: (077) 603 629

The entrance to the Morakot looks like a parking garage, and the building facing the street is dominated by the Yamaha dealership, but the rooms upstairs are a little better than you might expect. They are clean, bright, large, nice and cool, and all the rooms have good cable TV. The prices are a little higher than you'd pay for equivalent rooms elsewhere, but the triples are still very good... Read our full review of Morakot Hotel.

New Guest House
Backpacker - Under 600B
Next to the Suda, Soi Bangkok Bank, Chumphon

As you approach the Suda you may notice what looks like a garage with a hand-made sign advertising rooms to let within. You'll probably have to walk in and shout 'Hello!' a couple times to get the attention of the family that lives and works there, and you'll then get the warmest reception available in Chumphon. They have two sparse but acceptable fan rooms in the back, with shared bath and... Read our full review of New Guest House.

Sureya Hotel
Backpacker - Under 600B
125/2 Sala Daeng Rd, Chumphon
T: (077) 511 144

Like the Morakot, the entrance to the Sureya looks like a parking garage, and the hotel has no atmosphere, but the rooms are a still good value. They're clean and a little run down, but they don't suffer from smelly room syndrome like others in their class, and all rooms have inside bath. Head to the Suriwong or Sri Tai Fa for more atmosphere. One drawback--it can be a bit on the noisy side here.... Read our full review of Sureya Hotel.

Farang Bar
Backpacker - Under 600B
69/36 Thatapao Rd, Chumphon
T: (077) 501 003

Farang Bar is more of a necessary evil than a guest house. It's near the station for the minivans to Ranong, so it's a cheap, convenient place to stay if you miss the last departure and have to stay overnight. They run a row of flop-house rooms, adequate to the purpose, mostly as a loss leader to get people into the bar/restaurant, which overcharges for everything. You can also get a discount on... Read our full review of Farang Bar.

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