Photo: Another busy day on Ko Jum.

Where to stay in Ko Jum

All of Ko Jum’s roughly 30 places to stay now have 24-hour electricity, though it may be patchy at Haad Lubo in the remote north. The majority of options are tailored to budget traveller’s taste, but fancy options are found on the Golden Pearl half of Haad Yao. The same beach’s southern Andaman side has some great, long-running resorts, while Ao Si and Ao Ting Rai serve as good compromises with central locations. More cheap bungalows and even a hostel have opened amid Jum’s inland terrain in recent years, and these can be worth a look for long stays.

Andaman Beach (Southern Haad Yao)

In the southwest of the island, this is quintessential Ko Jum when it comes to both scenery and accommodation. Wide patches of casuarina forest divide up the resorts along a lengthy beachfront. The setting is ultra-relaxing and the location convenient to the restaurants of Baan Ko Jum.

Andaman Beach, Ko Jum
600B to 1,500B

Woodland Lodge

# Andaman Beach, Ko Jum T: (081) 893 5330

The charming Woodland Lodge occupies a serene beachfront locale with no other resorts or development on either side for quite a distance.

More functional than your average beach huts, the bungalows are situated well apart from one another throughout a shady property. You get a partial sea view from the porch and lots of flowers and birdsong all around. Built of wood, bamboo and concrete, the bungalows have many screened windows to go with hardwood floors, soft beds on bamboo frames, mozzie nets, fans and clean cold-water bathrooms with flush toilets. They even have desks.

Charming and relaxed.

Charming and relaxed. Photo: David Luekens

Larger bungalows come with extra single beds and are a good deal for families. Solo budget travellers can take a cramped room in a small longhouse with shared bathroom at the back of the property, though we’d probably look for a cheap freestanding bungalow before going that route.

Laid out along the beach with tables and private salas, the attached Fighting Fish Bar and Restaurant serves some of the tastiest Thai and Western food on the island. We’ve not met the British and Thai owners on either of our most recent visits, but the woman who served us at the restaurant last time was one of the friendlier people we met on an overall very friendly island.

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Walk–in rates ( baht): 350—1,000

Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º58'36.33" E, 7º47'50.97" N

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Andaman Beach, Ko Jum
Under 600B

Bo Daeng

# Andaman Beach, Ko Jum T: (081) 494 8760

Run by a sweet and artistic pair of sisters, ramshackle Bo Daeng has stood for years as one of the cheapest and most laid-back places to stay on Ko Jum.

Jam sessions are common in the evenings, though the serious Brexit discussion overheard on our last visit may indicate Bo Daeng’s popularity with middle-aged backpackers. They lie around in hammocks and balance on slacklines when not strumming guitars or lounging on the beach.

Older style beach shacks.

Older style beach shacks. Photo: David Luekens

The whole place has an eclectic, thrown-together feel with bits of curio lying beneath the casuarinas. Though the faded yellow bamboo huts have seen better days, they come with hammocks and are fine for those who can rough it. Hard mattresses are covered by well-worn mosquito nets and raised off the wood floors with plenty of gaps. Geckos like these huts. Tin-roofed bathrooms are about as spartan as they come, with bucket-flush toilets and cold water that comes out of a blue pipe on the ceiling.

All but the cheapest of Bo’s huts were full on our last visit, but the larger concrete bungalows appeared a step up in both sturdiness and proximity to the beach. The huts sit side by side in a U shape around the leafy property, with the open-sided restaurant at the centre. The vibe is social yet relaxed.

If Bo Daeng’s concrete rooms are full and you’re all set with the old bamboo huts, look for nearby Boss Bungalows set back down a path just off the beach.

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Walk–in rates ( baht): 0—200

Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º58'32.2" E, 7º47'55.49" N

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Andaman Beach, Ko Jum
600B to 1,500B

The first place on Ko Jum to open to foreign travellers back in 1990, Joy Bungalows began with a handful of bamboo huts on the edge of the forest.

After the December 2004 tsunami knocked down several of them, the resort underwent a facelift that added a number of smart wooden cottages built atop tsunami-proof concrete stilted foundations. The owner put a lot of thought into the new design, constructing a range of different rooms that will suit everyone from solo travellers to families with a bunch of kids in tow.

Smart digs at Joy Bungalows.

Smart digs at Joy Bungalows. Photo: David Luekens

The roughly 40 rooms are spread over a large tree-lined property with plenty of privacy between them. The metal-roof, dark-wood bungalow that we checked out was a bit dusty but well equipped with small desk, portable fan, cold-water garden bathroom with bucket-flush toilet, decent bed with mozzie net, lots of windows and chairs on the porch.

Seven different room types are offered in all, including unexpectedly stylish two-bedroom houses that stand as good options for families who want space without paying the moon for it.

Nearby Coco Bungalow is a decent alternative if you prefer a bamboo design. Otherwise you could check out Freedom Beach at the far southern end of the Andaman Beach; it has solid wood bungalows set close to the sand, but we think they’re overpriced.

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Walk–in rates ( baht): 0—2,000
Book online: Agoda | Booking
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GPS: 98º59'5.1" E, 7º47'20.36" N

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Golden Pearl Beach (Northern Haad Yao)

Set north of a bend sporting a seawall that spans the length of the Koh Jum Beach Villas property, this portion of Haad Yao is the only place on the island where resorts lie stacked in tight one after the next, resulting in a more crowded beachfront than down south. It’s still a lovely area with easy access to the island’s main road and the restaurants of Baan Ting Rai.

Golden Pearl Beach, Ko Jum
over 8,000B

Koh Jum Beach Villas caused a stir on the island when it took over a large seafront parcel and built fancy villas that owners can rent out when not around through an organised management team.

Over time however, the island’s only top-range resort has been accepted because it does so many things right, including an eco-friendly vision that starts with the open room design. Other environmentally sound aspects include low-flush toilets, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels on some houses and proper waste and sewage management. This is pretty close to a true eco-resort.

Low-slung comfy rooms.

Low-slung comfy rooms. Photo: David Luekens

With a small swimming pool, restaurant, classy lounge and professional staff, the resort spans an area of 700 square metres and feels like an upscale seaside village. There is a swimming pool, restaurant and bar where lychee mojitos were advertised, but most guests don’t stray far from their villas. With rooms like these, why would they?

The gorgeous dark-wood villas are set well apart from one another, each with private entrances and lots of bushy native foliage providing a strong measure of privacy. While some have air-con, designers drew up the villas to be sufficiently cooled by ceiling fans along with a sea breeze, which flows through all sorts of windows and wall-size concertina doors that can be propped open.

Cool off here.

Cool off here. Photo: David Luekens

Options range from romantic single-bed villas through to five-bedroom, multi-bathroom houses decked out in museum-worthy art. Many houses come with full kitchens, dining rooms, garden bathrooms, outdoor living rooms and private plunge pools. The smallest come in at 75 square metres. Each house is individually furnished and priced, so it’s best to poke around on the resort’s website to see what suits you.

Two similar beach home communities worth keeping in mind in this part of Thailand are Raileh Beach Club on Railay and Golden Buddha on Ko Phra Thong.

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Walk–in rates ( baht): 9,000—25,000
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º58'18.12" E, 7º48'9.74" N

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Golden Pearl Beach, Ko Jum
4,000B to 8,000B

Koh Jum Lodge

# Golden Pearl Beach, Ko Jum T: (089) 921 1621

Smart, sophisticated, classy and romantic are all words that come to mind at French-run Koh Jum Lodge, an upscale resort sporting spacious natural-style bungalows with terraces facing the sea.

Set slightly back from the beach in a lengthy row under the shade of numerous trees, the gorgeous fan-cooled stilted villas stand well apart from the next. High ceilings, generous windows, soft yellow cotton curtains and natural materials like wood, thatch and rattan allow for optimal airflow. A few bungalows overlook a small swimming pool ringed by flowers behind reception.

Grab a deckchair and put your feet up.

Grab a deckchair and put your feet up. Photo: David Luekens

Each 50-square-metre villa comes with both a ceiling fan over a sumptuous bed with mosquito net and portable fan, as well as a mezzanine reached by a ladder and equipped with an extra single bed. You’ll also find a fridge, sitting area with silk cushions, traditional Thai art, hammocks on the large porches and stone water basins at the entrance for washing the sand off your feet.

Rattan hammocks and lounge chairs line the beachfront, and polite staff serves patrons in a restaurant with an upscale feel.

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Walk–in rates ( baht): 0—5,000
Book online: Agoda
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º58'14.26" E, 7º48'18.25" N

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Golden Pearl Beach, Ko Jum
600B to 1,500B

Season Bungalow has rows of cheap, clean concrete bungalows with fan or air-con set around a pair of shady lawns within sight of Golden Pearl Beach.

Set close to one another behind a large beachfront restaurant with concrete floors and a Chinese spirit shrine above reception, large tile-floor air-con bungalows painted beige come with little decor but are functional and fine for families on a budget. These have air-con, hot-water bathrooms and some cheap chairs set both inside and out on the roofed terraces.

Cute affordable bungalows.

Cute affordable bungalows. Photo: David Luekens

Hidden away on a second lawn are Season’s fan bungalows, also concrete but equipped only with cold-water showers to go with flush toilets in the bathrooms. We like their acid-green exteriors a little better than the beige beauties over in the air-con section.

A similar option is Andaman Beach Resort further south; while nearby Golden Beach Resort has smaller air-con bungalows to go with a longer list of services.

More information

Walk–in rates ( baht): 500—1,500
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º58'15.25" E, 7º48'26.98" N

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Ao Si and Ao Ting Rai

These two bays sit side by side along the central stretch of Ko Jum’s west coast. We’re big fans of Jungle Hill on Ao Si, but all four resorts on Ao Ting Rai didn’t impress on our last visit, and we think Ao Si is the better of the two beaches. If you go for Ao Ting Rai, Last Fisher (formerly Old Lamp) has decent budget huts, and the long-running Koh Jum Resort offers old midrange air-con rooms and a small swimming pool.

Ao Si, Ko Jum
600B to 1,500B

We spent a couple of nights at the popular Jungle Hill Bungalow during our most recent visit to Ko Jum and found it to be a tight ship featuring sturdy bungalows, helpful staff and a treetop setting that made us dream of ewoks.

Spacious metal-roof wooden bungalows sit high on stilts either down by the beach or built into the steep hill behind, each of them blending into abundant foliage. A sign asks guests to refrain from feeding monkeys amid the maze-like footpaths and stairways running from beach to bungalows to the two-floor restaurant near the top of the hill.

What an outlook.

What an outlook. Photo: David Luekens

We loved our 1,000-baht bungalow with loads of windows, hammock on the porch, comfy king bed with mozzie net, wall-mounted fan and tiled cold-water bathroom with flush toilet. Smaller, cheaper huts stand at the top of the hill and down the other side on the way to the main road, where a few eateries give you some variety in Baan Ting Rai.

The free WiFi works well in the restaurant, the kitchen is always stocked and an orange-shirted staffer is always waiting to take an order, arrange a tour, book a ferry ticket or rent a motorbike. Some staffers have worked here every high season for more than a decade, and their experience coupled with positive attitudes makes a huge difference.

Bungalows are well kitted out within.

Bungalows are well kitted out within. Photo: David Luekens

We also like the location at the southern corner of Ao Si, but keep in mind that the stairs are steep, and you will see a lot of them. The tom yum we tried was only okay, but the Thai and Western breakfasts were both great. And few if any restaurants on Jum can compete with Jungle Hill as a sundowner venue.

Next door, the newish Loma Sea View also has wood bungalows that seem to have copied Jungle Hill’s, while nearby Sun Smile renovated their old concrete bungalows in recent years, painting them brighter than ever. At the other end of the beach, Ao Si Bungalows has a similar treehouse design but is more rundown and not as professional.

More information

Walk–in rates ( baht): 350—3,500
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º58'3.57" E, 7º48'43.85" N

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Haad Lubo

Also known as North Beach, Haad Lubo hosts half a dozen budget bungalow joints that range from family friendly to one step removed from a reggae festival. We picked two in each of these categories, but all are decent and this is an easy beach to just show up and find a hut on the spot.

Haad Lubo, Ko Pu
Under 600B

Luboa Hut

# Haad Lubo, Ko Pu T: (081) 388 9241

Luboa Hut has an artistic and endearing collection of 12 bungalows divided up between the beachfront and a hill that’s home to one of the more impressive banyan trees we’ve seen for a while.

All cooled by fans with mozzie nets and cold-water bathrooms, each bungalow has a different aspect and while the cheapest look straightforward, some appear to be really special. One stands as a two-floor house with two bedrooms and an unexpectedly stylish appearance. As with our last visit, all bungalows were full—a testament to the popularity of Luboa Hut.

A house in the woods.

A house in the woods. Photo: David Luekens

While the bungalows appear to be some of the most interesting on the island from the outside, the friendly owners and staff are again what make this place so popular. We’ve had amusing conversations with the guy who runs the espresso bar, and the Thai food is said to be terrific. Free WiFi is also available, though Haad Lubo is the perfect place to unplug for a while.

Luboa Hut is a hit with families, which we wouldn’t say about some of the more rag-tag bungalow joints nearby. This is one to book in advance.

More information

Walk–in rates ( baht): 350—900

Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º56'31.41" E, 7º50'16.82" N

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Haad Lubo, Ko Pu
Under 600B

Sunset Beach Bungalows

# Haad Lubo, Ko Pu T: (085) 797 1602

Set towards the southern end of Haad Lubo with a vibe that takes laid-back to new heights (or lows), Sunset Beach Bungalows has a lot of character despite the boring name. We’ve never seen the owner with a shirt on, but on our two visits he has been helpful and welcoming.

Chill out by the sand at Sunset Beach Bungalows.

Chill out by the sand at Sunset Beach Bungalows. Photo: David Luekens

Since our last visit, a large woven bamboo hexagonal hut had replaced the old “swinging bungalow”, keeping up Sunset’s reputation as builder of unusual bungalows. Beside it towers a treehouse with a ladder leading up to a mattress-on-the-floor-and-mozzie net shack with hammock strung to the porch, sea view guarded only by branches. The spartan cold-water bathroom is situated down at ground level, but it’s a memorable 300-baht room if you don’t mind that.

Several other bare-boned huts dot a small hill further back—expect bucket-flush toilets and unfinished wood floors. Since our last visit they also added one rather flash-looking beachfront bungalow, which was full.

Bungalows aloft!

Bungalows aloft! Photo: David Luekens

Owner Mr Zen can often be found hacking open green coconuts, stoking the fire in a stonewall sauna or minding the two-floor Not Have Bar, which sits right over the beach in a barrage of red, yellow and green. There is a restaurant, but you may have to walk over to Luboa Hut for WiFi. Each falling into the same low price bracket, nearby Banhomie is a similar choice, while neighbouring Ko Pu Valley has more bungalows and less of a reggae vibe.

More information

Walk–in rates ( baht): 0—300

Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 98º56'37.97" E, 7º50'9.78" N

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