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Where to stay: Ko Yao Yai

Those who dream of hopping from bungalow to beach to swimmable ocean should look to the Loh Paret and Loh Jark areas, or, if you've more cash to flash, the more upscale resorts of Chong Lad and the northeast. If you're simply keen to slip into a quiet stretch of coastline and don't mind the mangroves and mud flats, Loh Poh Bay and Bole Bay should do the trick.

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We have 13 places to stay in and around Ko Yao Yai.


With plenty of options to choose from, picking the best place for you can be a challenge.

Best places to stay on Ko Yao Yai
Best places to stay on Ko Yao Yai

Great mid-range picks

Chong Lad and the northeast

The northeast coastline of Ko Yao Yai from Hin Kong Bay to Chong Lad village offers fantastic views across Phang Nga Bay over to Ko Yao Noi and the islands beyond. The handful of resorts that line the beaches are firmly in the mid-range to luxury category.

Loh Poh Bay area

Loh Poh bay is found along the western edge of the skinny central part of Yao Yai. Its coastline is mostly muddy mangrove flats, accessible only by a few tracks leading off the main road, so there’s no swimming or sunbathing to be had here. The views are great, however, with sunsets and the comings and goings of fishing boats to watch.

Loh Paret area

With soft white sands and a depth ideal for swimming at any tide level, Loh Paret along Yao Yai’s central west coast is a popular beach for both locals and visitors. Even so, its three kilometres of sand rarely seems crowded. At its north end is the Laem Yai headland and pier, a great spot for a stroll at sunset.

Loh Jark area

As the launching point for Phuket ferries and boats to nearby islands, Loh Jark beach has more hustle and bustle than any other Yao Yai beach, though it’s far from hectic. The pier cuts through the middle of it, yet Loh Jark’s sparkling white sands and sunset views make it one of Yao Yai’s most picturesque lengths of sand.

The Heaven Resort
The Heaven Resort

Stay for the sunset views

From 1,000 baht Walk-in

Halavee Resort
Halavee Resort

Attracts a steady clientele

From 400 baht Walk-in

Garden View Resort
Garden View Resort

Looks like it has been hit by an asteroid

From 300 baht Walk-in

Bole Bay area

Along the west coast south of Loh Jark are mangroves and a string of sandy beaches, mostly deserted aside from the small beach taken up by the Glow Elixir resort. The road is only levelled-off dirt in places, but most will be able to manage on a motorbike.