Bang Saphan Yai

Where to stay: Bang Saphan Yai

A decent selection of accommodation is available along Bang Saphan beach. Those seeking something different could try the little-known island of Ko Talu.

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We have 6 places to stay in and around Bang Saphan Yai.

Bang Saphan town

There’s just the one place to stay in Bang Saphan itself and it’s no great shakes -- you’re best to head out to the beaches if you can.

East and north of Bang Saphan

On the east side of Bang Saphan are a variety of Thai style bungalow resorts, hotels, karaoke bars, seafood restaurants and even a golf driving range but the beach is not great.

Bang Saphan beach

The best part of Bang Saphan to stay in is roughly the centre of the beach, where there are a cluster of beachside bungalows and resorts to choose from. Places scattered further to the south may appeal to those looking for true isolation, but be warned some close up in low season.

Ko Talu

If you’d like to stay on one of Thailand’s lesser known islands, here is your chance.

Koh Talu Island Resort
Koh Talu Island Resort

Lovely beach, average accommodation

From US$173 with Agoda