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A decent selection of accommodation is available along Bang Saphan beach. Those seeking something different could try the little-known island of Ko Talu.

Bang Saphan town

There's just the one place to stay in Bang Saphan itself and it's no great shakes -- you're best to head out to the beaches if you can.

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East and north of Bang Saphan

On the east side of Bang Saphan are a variety of Thai style bungalow resorts, hotels, karaoke bars, seafood restaurants and even a golf driving range but the beach is not great.

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Bang Saphan beach

The best part of Bang Saphan to stay in is roughly the centre of the beach, where there are a cluster of beachside bungalows and resorts to choose from. Places scattered further to the south may appeal to those looking for true isolation, but be warned some close up in low season.

Coral Hotel
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
171 Moo 9 Suanluang Beach, Bang Saphan
T: (032) 691 667

This is arguably Bang Saphan's premiere spot, located straight across from the beach. It aims to be an all-inclusive resort vacation spot, and it succeeds nicely with a dive shop and a kickboxing school operating on-site. Families with kids may well want to head straight here. The family cottages (two-bedroom suites) are small but excellent -- the kids' rooms have bunks. Some of the superiors... Read our full review of Coral Hotel.

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CoCo Beach Club
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Just north of Lola Bungalows, Bang Saphan
T: (087) 4042704

Just to the north of Lola Bungalows, on a very narrow strip of land, CoCo offers very smart concrete rooms with a Mediterranean feel. They're glass fronted with comfortable beds, flatscreen TV, WiFi and air-con throughout. They've also got an unusual (for Thailand) shared rooftop area with latticework for shade. While it felt they weren't making the best use of this area, there's nothing to stop... Read our full review of CoCo Beach Club.

Lola Bungalows
Backpacker - Under 600B
89/2 M. 1 Suan Luang Rd, just north of Why Not and Roytawan
T: (032) 69 1963

Lola Bungalows remains our budget pick for Bang Saphan. It has a range of huts, from extremely simple wooden versions with brightly coloured exteriors to new and very solid concrete bungalows. The latter are excellent value -- the one we most recently stayed in was brand new and immaculately clean with enough water pressure to take paint off the wall. The beach out front is good here and lined... Read our full review of Lola Bungalows.

Suanluang Beach
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Bang Saphan beach

Not to be confused with the better known Suanluang Resort about a kilometre or so back off the beach, Suanluang has a single row of concrete bungalows and larger family sized rooms running back from the beach. The beachfront room is easily the best of the lot, with clear beach frontage, air-con and plenty of space to move around in. We were unable to see inside the room when we visited as the... Read our full review of Suanluang Beach.

Bang Saphan Beach Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Bang Saphan
T: (080) 652 9676

Right next door to Suanluang, Bang Saphan Beach Resort has a single row of immaculate bungalows running back from the beach looking over a lawn area with a funny little fountain at the centre. Bungalows come in two flavours, gleaming white near the beach and faux-wood panelling towards the back, but within they're all of a good standard with firm new mattresses, flat screen TV, air-con, fridge... Read our full review of Bang Saphan Beach Resort.

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Ko Talu

If you'd like to stay on one of Thailand's lesser known islands, here is your chance.

Koh Talu Island Resort
Toprange - 4,000B to 8,000B
Ko Talu Island
T: (089) 744 5639

Ko Talu Island Resort sprawls along the western edge of Ko Talu offering a variety of midrange accommodation options for those who prefer to visit for longer than a few hours. The island, and especially the main beach, are quite lovely, with gleamingly white sand, hammocks strewn here and there, a beach bar and a restaurant perched overlooking the bay. The accommodation itself though isn't quite... Read our full review of Koh Talu Island Resort.

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