Photo: Haad Rin from Mushroom Mountian.

Ko Pha Ngan is so big, we’ve split it up into areas, select one of the below for detailed accommodation and food listings in that area. Sights and general overviews for Ko Pha Ngan as a whole can be found via the icons above. Don’t know where to start? Read an overview of Ko Pha Ngan’s different areas.

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The sunrise side of Haad Rin gets wild during the Full Moon parties and is generally raucous after dark at any time, though there are some quieter spots to the north. Haad Rin's sunset side can be surprisingly tranquil as you move away from the pier -- especially in the tiny bays that extend westwards. Those looking for a cheap and easy room to stumble back to should poke around off the beach.

Haad Rin sunset side to Ban Kai

This long beach runs away from the pier back in the direction of Ban Kai and eventually Thong Sala. The further you get from the pier the better the resorts become and the cleaner the beach. Toward the west the bay is broken up into a series of smaller coves and secluded beaches — this has a remote feel without really being isolated from the rest of Ko Pha Ngan.

Suncliff Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Haad Rin
T: (081) 538 9879

Suncliff is a really sweet resort that offers what is probably the best deal on Ko Pha Ngan’s Haad Rin for an air-con room, with pool, restaurant, WiFi and great views. Feel like you’re swimming in the ocean … Both fan (600 baht) and air-con bungalows (1,000 baht or 1,200 baht during Full Moon) are on offer, with the air-con rooms offering far better views of Haad Rin bay than the fans,... Read our full review of Suncliff Resort.

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Neptunes Villa
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Haad Rin sunset side
T: (077) 375 251

Sprawling Neptune's Villa was one of the places we stayed in on our very first trip to Ko Pha Ngan in the early 1990s and, well, it has changed quite a bit. Stretching from beachside to the road and then running back from the road, Neptune's offers a wide variety of rooms from simply furnished upstairs and downstairs rooms towards the beach and hotel style lodgings overlooking the pool on the far... Read our full review of Neptunes Villa.

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The Coast
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
117/21 Moo 6 Haad Rin sunset side
T: (077) 951 567

We liked The Coast. We liked it a lot. Opened in late 2012, it's easily the most upmarket spot along this strip of the beach, but if you're looking for a modern finished resort with a horizon pool just designed for sunsets, a wet bar, a great restaurant, and outstanding staff, then this is the place -- and the rates, for the standard, are a steal. Running from the road down to the beach, the... Read our full review of The Coast.

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Blue Marine Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
110/6 Haad Rin West, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (077) 37 5079

Blue Marine is a classier operation than most in this area yet the prices aren't too bad and the fun and friendly atmosphere comes free. The large concrete bungalows line a grassy grove, some with decent sea views, and more are across the street from the restaurant. The beach is narrow, but the sand is soft and cleaner than that closer to the pier. The spacious rooms are well-equipped with... Read our full review of Blue Marine Resort.

Sun Beach Bungalow
Backpacker - Under 600B
Haad Rin West
T: (077) 27 5192

Sitting on a broader stretch of the beach makes Sun Beach much better for sunbathing than other nearby spots. The grounds are well-kept and the atmosphere very tranquil. This is a good place to escape the crowds of Haad Rin and just unwind. The bungalows take many forms from a mustard-coloured concrete duplex by the beach to maroon wooden duplexes set inland and small, slightly older cubicle-like... Read our full review of Sun Beach Bungalow.

Coral Bungalows
Backpacker - Under 600B
70/8 Moo 6, Haad Rin West, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (077) 375 023-4

A bit of a backpacker factory, Coral Bungalow claims to be famous for a regular pool party they have, but going on the size of the pool and the photos of the number of people in it, we strongly suggest not drinking the water. Beachside on Haad Rin Nai, Coral offers densely packed upstairs downstairs style air-con and fan-cooled rooms, some of which have some ocean views, all wrapped up in a party... Read our full review of Coral Bungalows.

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Off the beach

There are a stack of options in Haad Rin if you're not fussed about being on the beach. Prices are lower than beachside, though quality (and noise levels) can vary tremendously. Stay closer to the pier and Sunset Beach to avoid the worst noise and crowds.

No pic at the moment -- Sorry!
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
140 Haad Rin, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (077) 375 527-9

Delight is a very popular midrange setup just across the street from Sunrise Beach. The rooms are more expensive than average backpacker fare, but they're comfortable and well-equipped and are mostly inhabited by a younger, slightly more affluent crowd. With the swimming pool thrown into the deal, this would be a fine family spot if not for the nearby club noise and debauchery. Air-con and hot... Read our full review of Delight Resort.

Same Same Lodge
Backpacker - Under 600B
130 Haad Rin, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (077) 375 200

Same Same is one of the most popular backpacker guesthouses in Haad Rin and is always among the first to fill up around Full Moon time. The Scandinavian owners really know how to show guests a good time and the atmosphere is lively and friendly. Weekly live music, quiz nights, pool and a great selection of beers and international grub keep this place packed and happening. Upstairs rooms are... Read our full review of Same Same Lodge.

Baan Talay Guest House
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
74/1 Haad Rin, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (077) 37 5083

Baan Talay is a popular guesthouse for those on a lower budget because of its quality rooms and good central location. Staff are friendly and very helpful, and the rooms, available with fan or air-con, though no TV, are spacious and very well-kept. Opt for a second floor room where you'll have a private balcony rather than pedestrians forever wandering by your window. The upper floor also gets... Read our full review of Baan Talay Guest House.

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Haad Rin sunrise side

The centre of all full moon party activity. Generally the places at the northern end of the beach are quieter, while the closer you get to Paradise Club, the louder it becomes. This is the centre of the action at night and the busiest beach by day. The better of Haad Rin's beaches, this is a fine spot to visit, but stay elsewhere if you plan to sleep through the night.

Palita Lodge
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
119 Moo 6 Haad Rin
T: (077) 375 170-2

From the beach, Palita Lodge looks far more backpacker style than it really is, with some very smart rooms and a great swimming pool running back from the beach. The grounds are shady and cool, offering a respite from the heat and the low key backpackery restaurant lets you squelch your feet in the sand while you have breakfast. The vast majority of the rooms here are off the beach, running a... Read our full review of Palita Lodge.

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Pha Ngan Bay Shore Resort
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
141 Moo 6 Haad Rin
T: (077) 375 224

For families looking for creature comforts on Haad Rin, but wanting direct beach access, the very long-running Phangan Bayshore Resort is difficult to beat. Fronting directly onto a great slice of Haad Rin Beach, the resort offers comfortable bungalows towards the rear of the resort's grounds and two multistorey hotel wings, running down both sides of the generous swimming pool, towards the... Read our full review of Pha Ngan Bay Shore Resort.

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Paradise Resort
Backpacker - Under 600B
Haad Rin East, Ko Pha Ngan
T: (077) 375 244(089) 729 4189

The original home of the Full Moon Party, Paradise sits at the far southern end of Sunrise Beach. Here the sea is rocky and extra shallow so the swimming is no good, but better conditions aren't far down the beach. This is an inexpensive place that puts you near the heart of the party scene regardless of the moon's fullness or lack thereof. It's noisy and rowdy every night, so stay far, far away... Read our full review of Paradise Resort.

Sea View Haadrin Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
134 Moo 6 Haad Rin
T: (077) 375 160

If you're looking for flashpacker digs beachside and are comfortable with a more backpacker style of standards, look no further than Seaview Sunrise. Set at the far northern end of Haad Rin Beach, as far away from the party as you can be without climbing onto the rocks, Seaview offers very well priced absolute beachfront bungalows. Bungalows are spacious and easily sleep three (they come with a... Read our full review of Sea View Haadrin Resort.

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