Khao Sok National Park

Where to stay: Khao Sok National Park

The languid Khlong Sok village proffers a fine selection of budget to midrange lodgings, including some memorable treehouses to sleep in. Nearby park headquarters has a campground, one of many options for pitching a tent in the area. Many travellers stay one or two nights in the village along with one night in a rafthouse on spectacular Chiew Lan Lake. If a private vehicle is in the plan, consider adding an extra night in Khao Sok Valley. Some properties knock 100 to 400 baht off room rates in rainy season and add the same amount in peak season from late December through February. Others stick to a fixed price scheme all year. A lot of resorts offer package deals that include rooms, activities and possibly meals as well.

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We have 11 places to stay in and around Khao Sok National Park.

Camping and rafthouses in Khao Sok

A night on Chiew Lan Lake is worth the expense and many travellers recall it as one of the most memorable and calming experiences from their trips to Thailand. You’ll also find various types of campgrounds, including points deep in the jungle that require overnight treks to reach.

Khlong Sok village (near park headquarters)

This mountain-rimmed village hosts the bulk of lodgings and tourist services for Khao Sok, as well as the national park headquarters. Those seeking a dorm will find a few little air-con hostels—Secret and Coco both looked fine—although some resorts offer private rooms for as low as 300 baht.

Khao Sok valley

Quite a few resorts are found along the 65-km highway that follows the Sok River between Khlong Sok village and the jumping off point for Chiew Lan Lake. If you have time and a vehicle, Cliff and River is worth a night to enjoy the marvellous setting. Further east, Baan Anurak Community Lodge’s 1,000-baht bungalows are also worth a look for a more locally immersive stay.