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South bank

The south bank of the Perfume River is home to Hue's backpacker district, which has rapidly expanded in all directions from Trang Tien Bridge all the way down to Nguyen Cong Tru and as far back as Le Quy Don St. Sidestreet 66 Le Loi, a quiet cul-de-sac where most backpackers head upon arrival, isn't quite what it used to be. Prices here haven't really changed since our last visit in 2007, but neither has the quality. Most guesthouses are looking tired (as are their owners) and save for the few we mention you'll find better value elsewhere. The upside of all this development is that budget accommodation is now at a surplus in the area, which means discounts are readily offered to those who ask (and quite often to those that don't) and you needn't worry about not being able to find a decent place at the last minute. We found that the later we checked in, the bigger the discount offered; although we'd not recommend this if your stay coincides with the biennial Hue festival.

Jade Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
17 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hue
T: (054) 393 8849

Located in a gorgeously renovated 1930s villa overlooking Hue sports stadium (ask for a room at the back if there is a match on), Jade Hotel packs a mighty punch, oozing with style and charm at ridiculously budget B&B prices. Rooms, although on the small side, are all artfully styled around a fresh pallette of white and darkwood art deco furniture, adding colour and character through bright... Read our full review of Jade Hotel.

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Dong Tam – Impressions Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
7/66 Le Loi St, Hue
T: (084) 382 8403

Set back from street 66 by a huge walled garden and pool, directly opposite Mimosa is the budget beauty Impressions, a family-run hotel set in a crumbling yet characterful grand French villa headed up by a tiny grandmother with a belting sense of humour and imaginative way with mismatched pyjamas. While all the rooms offer the standard air-con, cable TV, fridge and ensuite, no other room... Read our full review of Dong Tam – Impressions Hotel.

Hue Four Seasons Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
5/14 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Hue
T: (054) 393 8522

This little husband-and-wife-run, 15-room hotel may be punching above its station by nicking its name off a plush five-star, but what it lacks in luxurious trimmings it more than makes up for with the most charming staff and quirky room attributes. We stayed in an air-con standard with a comfortable cotton-clad king bed, decent wardrobe, cable TV, minibar (Huda 15,000 VND) and not too shabby... Read our full review of Hue Four Seasons Hotel.

Mimosa Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Kiet 66/10 Le loi St Hue City
T: (84) 054 382 8068

Blink and you’ll miss it — the bijou six-room Mimosa Hotel sits among a swathe of brightly hued guesthouses along Hue‘s central but peaceful Kiet 66 alley, itself tucked away off Le Loi Street. Just a two-minute walk to all the best bars and eateries, Mimosa packs a punch for the cost-conscious traveller.The new sculpture exhibition in the gardens bordering the Perfume River.Mimosa offers... Read our full review of Mimosa Guesthouse.

Thanh Xuan (Google) Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
26-28 Tran Cao Van St, Hue
T: (054) 383 7568

Known to the rest of the world as Thanh Xuan – apparently nicking your name from Google doesn't go down too well even in Hue -- this fun backpacker hotel located near the Mandarin Cafe offers great value and amazing amenities, such as gym, massage, tour booking, cheap Italian restaurant and the legendary Carzy Buffalo Bar (we think there maybe a typo on their sign). Room prices include... Read our full review of Thanh Xuan (Google) Hotel.

Backpacker - Under US$10
10A/66 Le Loi St,Hue
T: (054) 382 9371

The Halo is another good choice on Sidestreet 66, especially if you are a big fan of Hello Kitty dolls and multiple plug sockets, design features used profusely throughout the hotel. The upper floors have excellent rooms that sleep up to four people, with air-con, WiFi, satellite cable TV, big tubs in the worn but scrupulously clean tiled bathrooms and pretty balconies. The decor and bedding are... Read our full review of Halo.

Moonlight Hotel
Toprange - US$50 to 100
20 Pham Ngu Lao St, Hue
T: (054) 397 9797

If you are looking for midrange comfort and amenities in what is otherwise the budget part of town, the Moonlight Hotel is a very good choice. They offer classy rooms with air-con, minibar, satelite cable TV, great views and massive beds furnished in luxury cottons and silks. We were particularly impressed with the spa tubs, which come with a choice of a city or river view, and the hotel's... Read our full review of Moonlight Hotel.

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Oasis Bar and Hostel
Backpacker - Under US$10
No 4, Alley 42, Le Loi St, Hue
T: (054) 093 399 1236

The rather aptly named Oasis is an eclectic two-dorm bar/restaurant with a palm-fringed sandy beach (what else) down a small alley off Le Loi, about 100 metres from Pham Ngu Lau. Run by smiley happy people who seem to have thought of everything to keep you from wanting to ever leave the chilled environs, it offers two air-con dorms (four- and six-bed) which are spacious, cool and clean. Each bed... Read our full review of Oasis Bar and Hostel .

The Romance Hotel
Midrange - US$20 to 50
16 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hue
T: (54) 389 888

For a centrally located, midrange hotel, you'd be hard pushed to find anything quite as impressive as the Romance Hotel located a couple of doors up from Little Italy on central Nguyen Thai Hoc. Rooms are top notch luxury with comfort levels beyond the hotel's four-star rating. Spa baths come as standard in all room types, with the best ones having large windows with views stretching out over... Read our full review of The Romance Hotel.

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Villa Hue
Toprange - US$50 to 100
4 Tran Quang Khai St, Hue
T: (054) 383 1628

On the south side of Truong Tien Bridge, 100 metres back from Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, this reasonably priced midrange 12-room hotel is Vietnam's first international training hotel – a Vietnam/Luxembourg cooperation. Staff here are mostly second year tourism and hospitality students receiving on-the-job training – it's a slickly run operation. Accommodation is set around a huge inner... Read our full review of Villa Hue.

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Hue Backpackers Hostel
Backpacker - Under US$10
10 Pham Ngu Lao, Hue
T: (054) 382 6557

If hooking up with scores of like-minded travellers and having every comfort and service imaginable available on tap (along with Huda draft) is high on your agenda, you'll probably already have earmarked Hue Backpackers, Hue's biggest and most popular backpacker hostel. Situated on bar- and restaurant-lined Pham Ngu Lao, Hue Backpackers takes pride of place in a huge 1930s villa with wraparound... Read our full review of Hue Backpackers Hostel.

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Around Dap Da Bridge

A cluster of hotels, all of them good, are lumped together at the top of Nguyen Cong Tru, near the Dap Da Bridge, with one on the other side.

Thanh Thien (Friendly)  Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
10 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
T: (054) 3834 666

If you are looking for a bit of luxury and incredibly good service at private dorm room prices, this is the place. Located a short stroll from the tourist boat dock near Bap Da bridge, this recently refurbed five-storey (with elevator) hotel was easily the best place we stayed while in Hue. The beautiful marble-tiled rooms come with top-quality dark wood furniture and the kind of comfortable... Read our full review of Thanh Thien (Friendly) Hotel.

Holiday Diamond
Midrange - US$20 to 50
6/14 Nguyen Cong Tru St, Hue
T: (54) 381 9845

Tucked away down the very end of a quiet alley directly opposite the Tigon Hostel and running off Nguyen Cong Tru, the Holiday Diamond is a family-friendly budget hotel, big on comfort, even bigger on bed art: think swan towels, rose-petal hearts, special-occasion balloons – it's almost tempting to stay an extra few nights to see what the creative housekeeping staff come up with next. All the... Read our full review of Holiday Diamond.

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Stay Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
07 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
T: (054) 3823 999

Formerly the Hoan Thien, this six-storey giant (don't worry, it has an elevator) was taken over in early 2014 by French brothers Arnauld and Gaulthier and given a bit of a makeover. Rooms are elegant and understated, and comfortably furnished with cable TV, fridge, complicated air-con system and fan. Bathroom quality varies room to room, but you can be assured of hot-water showers and bath tubs... Read our full review of Stay Hotel.

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Along Le Loi

Most of the luxury places are located along this street, and they offer river views, but some good budget options are here as well.

No pic at the moment -- Sorry!
Luxury - over US$100
Le Loi, Hue
T: (054) 383 7475

La Residence, as the name implies, is a high-class outfit. It's located right on the Perfume River with views of the water available in the better rooms. It's done in an art deco meets French colonial style. The lobby is all earth tones and minimalist lines, but the rooms feature old world touches like antique fittings in the bathrooms and parquet floors.The Saigon-Morin up the road comes by its... Read our full review of La Residence.

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Amigo Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
66/3 Le Loi Street, Hue
T: (054) 383 8006

Towering over the heads of a tightly packed alley of guesthouses, the aptly named Amigo Hotel is slap bang in the centre of the bright lights of Hue’s backpacker district, just a phenomenally busy road away from the Perfume River and a 15-minute walk from the Imperial City walls. And just in case you need one, a top restaurant tip is Les Jardins de la Carambole just around the corner — which... Read our full review of Amigo Hotel.

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Hotel Saigon Morin
Toprange - US$50 to 100
30 Le Loi St, Hue
T: (054) 3823 526

In 1900, when Ho Chi Minh was living in a small hut on the outskirts of town, a French entrepreneur was building this massive, luxury hotel on the Perfume River. Of course, by the mid-1950s the French were no longer welcome to spend the night here, and Uncle Ho and his friends had the joint all to themselves. Luckily for us, they didn't have it in their hearts to raze this striking vestige of... Read our full review of Hotel Saigon Morin.

Hong Thien Guest House
Backpacker - Under US$10
46 Chu Van An St, Hue
T: (054) 383 7272

This flop-house for foreigners on Chu Van An around the corner from Le Loi is a decent place to save money on a room if you're not too picky. There are some space issues (lack of) and light issues (lack of). But the higher level rooms at the front come with balconies and more space. Rooms are decent enough and they throw in free use of the pool at their sister hotel, Hoan Thien One, a few hundred... Read our full review of Hong Thien Guest House.

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South of Le Loi

Pilgrimage Village
Toprange - US$50 to 100
130 Minh Mang Rd, Hue
T: (054) 388 5461

Situated out in a countryside village four kilometres outside of the city, Pilgrimage Village is heaven for those looking for something more authentically stylish and quiet. The resort setting is stunning, with jungle gardens and a series of antique timber garden houses. Each house is beautiful, with vast amounts of space and a private veranda with loungers (avoid booking one overlooking the... Read our full review of Pilgrimage Village.

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Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa
Midrange - US$20 to 50
51 Le Loi St, Hue
T: (054) 382 3958

This huge hotel on the riverside at the far end of Le Loi Street is a bit of an oddity. The original building was completed in 1962 and some of the rooms in this wing reflect that; however, an additional wing was built in 2010 with rather opulent although a bit 80s decor that offer the best river views this side of La Residence. For the money it's bang on, freshly decorated rooms, with new... Read our full review of Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa.

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Sports Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
15 Pham Ngu Lao St, Hue
T: (054) 3828 096

In the shadow the Asia Hotel is an interesting, more affordable choice -- The Sports Hotel (there's nothing particularly 'sporty' about it, but what can you do). We found friendly, English-speaking staff here and rooms that were uniformly spacious and comfortably furnished. The recently refurbished bathrooms are top rate and come with high pressure showers and water heaters large enough to fill... Read our full review of Sports Hotel.

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North Bank, Citadel

Very few westerners head to these cheap places near the Citadel, but why the heck not? The location is a short walk from acres of fresh-cut grass, crossed by placid moats and stony ramparts. And the cyclo guys are all hanging out on the other side of the river! Paradise. A lot of places in this area aren't licensed to accept foreigners, but all the places we list said they were.

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