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Where to stay in Hue

South bank

The south bank of the Perfume River is home to the vast bulk of Hue’s accommodation for foreign travellers, with a seemingly ever-growing selection of places to stay. The upside of all this development is that budget to midrange accommodation is now at a surplus, so rates can be especially reasonable.

16/7 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
US$50 to 100

If your budget doesn’t stretch to one of the more salubrious riverside properties in Hue, but you’d still like to stay right by the water, the mid—priced Hue Riverside Villa is extremely hard to beat and is one of our favourite properties in the city.

Now that is a river view.

Now that is a river view. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Set on the southern bank of the Nhu Y River (a tributary of the Perfume River), Hue Riverside Villa is hidden away at the end of a rambling alley running off Nguyen Cong Tru—follow it down past Kore Cafe (which has excellent riverside coffee under a huge shade tree here) and keep going—the brick–faced reception area will sneak up on your right. Most likely one of the especially friendly staff will spot you as you approach before you them.

The property has just a handful of rooms organised in a staggered building a little back from the water. The block of land is only of a moderate size, and while they’ve tried to make the best of it, this does mean that few of the rooms actually have a river view as some are staggered behind each other. This isn’t a huge deal, as the garden is right by the river and is a comfortable spot to hang out, chat withy other guests and the owners and staff under the shade of a 100+ year old tree.

Rooms are comfy.

Rooms are comfy. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Rooms within are well sized and have some imaginative design flairs—ours had a glassed off atrium in one corner which let the early morning light refract into the room slowly waking us—and the general fit out is modern and comfortable. We loved the bedding and slept very well here. Both our bedroom and the bathroom (with stylish mismatched wall tiling) were immaculate.

Hue Riverside Villa has few rooms and is very popular—it took us two attempts to swing a room and when we went to extend for a second night (as we loved it so much) they were full again. Reservations are essential, though do search around online for a discounted rate as we found rates online significantly lower (like half the price) of what they offer direct. If the rates work with your budget this is our top pick in Hue. If you’d like something larger and more hotel style, consider the nearby Hue Serene Shining Hotel.

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Walk–in rates (US$): 70—95
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º35'46.75" E, 16º28'22.57" N

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5 Le Loi, Hue
over US$100

If you’re going to go all fancy pants in Hue, don’t do anything by halves—plonk your hard–earned dong down on one of the stunning suites in the original building at La Residence Hue, and we reckon you’ll be delighted with the return.

Did someone say Art-Deco?

Did someone say Art-Deco? Photo: Stuart McDonald

Overlooking the Perfume River, the original building dates back to 1930 when it formed a part of the colonial governor’s residence. It went through a number of hands including as an affordable (aka rundown) three star hotel through the late years of the 20th century. Restored and substantially expanded in 2005, the hotel re-opened as the luxurious La Residence Hue and has been winning awards ever since—regularly ranking as one of the top 25 hotels in Asia.

Rooms come in two primary flavours—modern rooms with an Art-Deco finish in the two annexes (which were not a part of the original mansion) and, for a deal more dong, a collection of stunning suites which fill the original building. We were shown through both—a river view room and then a selection of the suites, which culminated with the Resident Suite which encompasses the entire upper floor, enjoys 360 degrees views and counts among its guests, we were told, King Bhumibhol of Thailand.

Fit for royalty.

Fit for royalty. Photo: Stuart McDonald

While the Residential was spectacular, we were particularly taken by the Ornithologue Suite (Ornithologue being French for ornithologist—or a bird watcher), rounded like a bird’s nest, it was truly lovely.

Stepping down a price rung to the rooms for mere mortals, the offerings are still of a superior standard—spacious and with all the mod cons you’d expect at this price point—do go for a river view room over the garden view. Also bear in mind for these more regular rooms you are paying a substantial premium to stay here versus what is available elsewhere in Hue.

Even the regular rooms are plenty spacious.

Even the regular rooms are plenty spacious. Photo: Stuart McDonald

At the time of research (mid 2018) a horizon pool was being put into the garden area near the river which would further add to the appeal of the property. Staff were fantastic—totally professional, chatty and happy to show us around the property at length. Even if you are not staying here, swing by for an ice-coffee to enjoy the ambience ... and the air-con! If you’re looking for luxury and you have the budget, look no further. Rates vary throughout the year—be sure to shop around online for the best rate.

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Walk–in rates (US$): 195—420
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º34'49" E, 16º27'31.63" N

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17/1 Ben Nghe, Hue
US$20 to 50

There is hidden away and difficult to find and then there is Scarlett Boutique Hotel hidden away and difficult to find, and in this case, this is a mid–priced property which is absolutely worth seeking out.

An unassuming entrance.

An unassuming entrance. Photo: Stuart McDonald

We walked around almost the entire block which hides this hotel before realising it is set on a tiny laneway within the block, accessed via another lane from Ben Nghe, but once we found it, we were well pleased to have made the effort. Greeted by professional and very friendly staff in the sumptuous lobby we were quickly whisked off to see the single room (the hotel has a total of just 18 rooms) that was available on the day.

In tune with the hotel presenting itself as a getaway for honeymooners and lovers, the room we were shown was called “Passion”. A double room of 20m in size, facilities include a very comfortable queen size bed (with plenty of extra pillows), wooden floors and a sparkling ensuite bathroom. Flatscreen TV, Free WiFi and air-con throughout come standard. There was also a small coffee table setting and a desk you could work at should need be. The curtains were partly drawn, keeping the lighting sedate and, it did strike us as, well, a romantic kind of a room.

Passion in blue.

Passion in blue. Photo: Stuart McDonald

We found the staff to be particularly helpful and friendly, immediately offering us a glass of water as we plonked down at reception all sweaty and dishevelled. This is a compact hotel—as mentioned already, set down a quiet alley—but there is also little in the way of common space. Here it is all about the rooms, and if the rates fit with your budget, this is an excellent option. Bookings in advance, especially in season, are essential. Recommended.

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Walk–in rates (US$): 54—67
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º35'41.21" E, 16º28'1.78" N

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10/26 Vo Thi Sau, Hue
Under US$10

Hue is awash in affordable hostel dorms, but Amy 2 Hostel is our pick of the bunch—primarily due to their sparkling dorms, friendly staff, super quiet yet central location and convivial bar cafe area—this is an all-round winner.

Easy to find.

Easy to find. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Any 2 (the original is over on Tran Van Cao near Hung Vuong) is set on a quiet, but reasonably well lit alley running off Vo Thi Sau. This puts you within spitting distance of the heart of Hue’s tourist district, with Bar Street a mere five minute walk (ten minute stumble) away, and plenty of tourist–focussed restaurants and travel agencies literally just around the corner. Despite the central location, because it is set down the alley, the locale is quiet and, save a snoring dorm mate, you’ll sleep well.

Amy 2 Hostel offers female–only and mixed dorms along with private rooms all spread across three floors. We were not able to see any private rooms, but the dorm was modern and well fitted out and extremely clean. Bunks are metal framed, with medium–sized lockers for each, privacy curtains, light, towel and linen. Each dorm has its own bathroom, meaning if business is slow, you’ve scored a private room for just a few bucks.

The ground floor spills out into a cafe cum bar area with plenty of bench seating and lounges and would be a good spot for single travellers to meet up with others. Staff were friendly and professional, happy to show us through.

This isn’t a party hostel—if that is more your thing look into one of the hostels on Pham Ngu Lao—Hue Backpackers Hostel remains a perennial favourite for the beer and bonding scene. We far preferred here for the lower key sleepy vibe. If you’d prefer a private room in a bigger property, Poetic Hue Hotel is just around the corner and is excellent value.

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Walk–in rates (US$): 4—14
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º35'47.53" E, 16º28'13.17" N

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3/57 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
US$20 to 50

You can’t write about Hue Serene Shining Hotel without mentioning how the building is a bit of an eyesore from outside, but, well, once you’re in an upper floor room, the views are pretty is the price.

It does not look like much from outside.

It does not look like much from outside. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Uber friendly, the hotel offers reasonably smart and spacious rooms spread across around a half dozen floors overlooking the Nhu Y River (a tributary of the Perfume River). The decor may be a little dated, but we slept comfortably here and we did enjoy the views over the river—especially in the evening. Rooms are clean (as are the bathrooms) and facilities include LCD TV, free WiFi, a stocked minibar and air–con throughout. The staff here were among the most friendly and helpful that we encountered in Hue—no question was too difficult.

The location is down an alley running off Nguyen Cong Tru meaning you’re spared the racket of the street yet are still just a short walk away from the heart of the tourist scene in Hue along with some very good places to eat. If you decide to skip the included breakfast here, head to Ba Tung—a bun bo hue joint on Nguyen Cong Tru (exit the laneway and turn right, it is on your right)—this was probably our second favourite bun bo hue place in the city.

The views however are more than reasonable.

The views however are more than reasonable. Photo: Stuart McDonald

While we preferred the more boutique feel at the nearby Hue Riverside Villa, we did enjoy our stay here and if you’re comfortable is hotel–style digs, you can shop around online for some extremely good value rates here. They have a sister property, Hue Serene Palace Hotel, just a hop skip and a jump away from here, but we preferred the riverside outlook here. Recommended.

More information

Walk–in rates (US$): 25—40
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º35'53.01" E, 16º28'18.37" N

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43 Lane 42 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
US$10 to 20

Stop & Go Homestay

# 43 Lane 42 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue T: (0905) 126 767

Bright and white and brand spanking new (at least as of mid 2018), Stop & Go Homestay offers smart clean and functional rooms at an excellent price point within just a short walk of the heart of Hue tourist district.

Catchy name.

Catchy name. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Like many of the new and affordable hotels in Hue, the rooms are immaculate but spartan. Don’t expect bright and imaginative paintjobs nor much in the way of art on the walls, but the rooms are of a good size and the street–facing ones are well appointed, letting the afternoon light flood in. Mod–cons include LCD TV, air–con, WiFi, minibar and immaculate hot water bathrooms. Upstairs has a sadly under–utilised rooftop deck, which had just a few potted plants and a single table setting—hopefully they will do more with it down the track, as the late afternoon outlook is excellent from here.

The non-street facing rooms are not so private, with a curtained window facing into the stairwell and the bed right beside—we say go for an upper floor street facing room here and you should be set. We found the staff to be cheery and helpful and while there did seem to be some wiggle room on the walk–in rates, it was still cheaper again through the online travel agents.

Some rooms catch the afternoon light...

Some rooms catch the afternoon light... Photo: Stuart McDonald

If you’re looking for something that little bit smarter, consider Hotel La Perle which is just a few steps from here on the other side of the road—another similar (and cheaper again) spot is Poetic Hue Hotel about five minutes away on foot.

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Walk–in rates (US$): 9—29
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º35'49.09" E, 16º28'9.56" N

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24/26 Vo Thi Sau, Hue
Under US$10

Just about every mid–sized Vietnamese city, including Hue, is dotted with mini–hotels like the somewhat oddly named Poetic Hue Hotel, but given the facilities and standards, rooms here do go for a song.

Tall and slender, sitting towards the end of a narrow, dead-end laneway running off of Vo Thi Sau, The Poetic Hue Hotel (also Hostel on some websites and business cards) offers spacious and well kept budget rooms in a location just a short walk from the centre of Hue’s tourist district.

The view is not uninteresting.

The view is not uninteresting. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Our room was well comfortable, with a small balcony which actually offered a decent view and ample people–watching opportunities, a large comfortable bed with real bedding, a stocked minibar, TV, coffee and tea making facilities, frosty air-con, WiFi, a usable desk and a clean, hot water bathroom. What more do you need?!

There is a cafe area on an upper floor which is primarily used for (an unexceptional) breakfast, though you could just as easily set yourself up for a sundowner in the afternoon when it catches the full brunt of Hue’s sinking sun. The lower floor has a pokey reception area, where the staffer was keen to suggest all manner of activities and tours to us—while we didn’t feel overly pressured, some may.

Rooms are simple, but well kitted out for the money.

Rooms are simple, but well kitted out for the money. Photo: Stuart McDonald

This is a popular place among budget travellers wanting something just a step up from a hostel, and in that regard, the Poetic is a solid and very good value option. If you’d prefer to spend a little less, Amy 2 Hostel is spitting distance from here and struck us as an excellent choice for shoestring travellers.

More information

Walk–in rates (US$): 10—13
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º35'47.6" E, 16º28'12.06" N

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North Bank, Citadel

While foreign tourists traditionally stay south of the river, there are a small but growing number of small guesthouses and homestays on the north bank, in the Old City. If you’re looking for something more “local” without the heavy touristed vibe of southside, head here.

47B Tran Nguyen Han, Hue
Under US$10

More of a guesthouse than a homestay, the curiously named Le Robinet welcomes with a smile and offers both smart private rooms and dormitory accommodation within the confines of Hue’s walled city.

A garden enclave.

A garden enclave. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Their business card reads “Get further away” and upon arrival here you will feel a world away from the more commercialised tourist district on the far bank of the Perfume River. Think shady laneways, limited traffic, and local residents just getting on with their day. Very close to the also very good Tam Family Homestay, this is an excellent part of the city to stay in.

The compound plays home to an original older building and a more modern two storey house which includes many of the rooms. Around this is a leafy and pleasant common area, with plenty of shade trees and a few spots scattered around to eat, drink, and relax in. Of the three homestays we tried in the old city, this was the most sociable with ample space to meet other travellers and chinwag with the staff and owners.

Homely rooms.

Homely rooms. Photo: Stuart McDonald

We were shown a smart private room (the dorm had been hired out by a single group when we swung through, so we were unable to see it) and we thought it was a comfortable affair with decent bedding, a small desk and plenty of light flowing in. Upstairs rooms would be quieter, so if you are a light sleeper, ask for an upstairs room. The location is excellent, and while they can assist with bicycle and scooter hire, the Imperial City is but a short walk away—as are numerous local eateries and cafes.

More information

Walk–in rates ( dong): 75,000—240,000
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º34'27" E, 16º27'58.89" N

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24 Dang Tran Con, Hue
US$10 to 20

The very new Tam Family Homestay, set just to the southwest of the walls of the Imperial City, offers a slightly unusual mix of rooms and outlooks and will appeal to those looking for a welcoming family homestay atmosphere in an off the tourist–trail location.

How is that for a city view?

How is that for a city view? Photo: Stuart McDonald

Although this is the family home, the homestay has quite a few rooms set across the floors above, and while they are simple, the outlook from some is excellent. We bagged the rooftop room, which was very simply furnished (think bamboo–framed bed, soft mattress and simple bedding, lino–covered floors) but enjoyed terrific views over the surrounds thanks to large slide open windows along two entire walls of the room. Upside, the views were terrific, downside, during the day this room was extremely hot—so be careful what you wish for.

We put up with the daytime heat (the room has air-con, but even with that going full blast the room was still very warm), but in the evening, we turned the air–con off, slid open the windows and enjoyed a breeze while listening to Hue go to sleep. To our mind it was a good trade off. Rooms have their own bathrooms, but not inside the room.

Put your feet up.

Put your feet up. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Also up top is a roof–top terrace with a couple of lazy chairs—a good spot to enjoy the views if you opt not for the rooftop room. Back down below, on the ground floor is the kitchen and dining area and a lounge well–stocked with brochures and other tourist paraphernalia.

The owners have great English and we found them to be exceedingly helpful, pointing us to numerous local spots to eat and snack at. Scooters are available as are bicycles. If full, consider the nearby Le Robinet Homestay for a similar vibe and welcoming feel. Recommended.

More information

Walk–in rates (US$): 12—25
Book online: Agoda | Booking
Maps: Apple | Google
GPS: 107º34'28.88" E, 16º27'52.28" N

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