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We have 10 places to stay in and around Ha Long Bay.

Hotel Alley

Along Vuon Dao Street, with its associated alleys and side streets, are 2,136,714 hotels (give or take) and they are all pretty much identical. Many, particularly those at the post office end, are about the width of a two-car garage and six storeys tall with no elevator. Most have fan and air-con and all have private baths, hot water, fridges and dated TVs with Vietnamese-language channels only. There aren’t many really bad rooms here and prices are similar, but it’s worth checking out a couple before making your choice. Bargaining hard in the off-season will usually yield good results, particularly if you’re willing to walk to the rooms at the top, need more than one room or want to stay more than a night. Note that English is rarely spoken as this is predominantly a Vietnamese tourist town. Also, if the hotel quotes in dollars, do ask for the dong conversion price before you check-in to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Away from Hotel Alley

There are some decent options for mid- to luxury-range rooms in the area surrounding Hotel Alley, mostly closer towards the main pier on Ha Long Road. The places across the road from the water offer spectacular views of the bay.