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Those who love hanging out with fellow beach bums and being steps from food and drink options, Long Beach is the ticket. Ong Lang Beach has several upscale au naturel options and the location is a good compromise for those who want to feel worlds away while still being able to pop into town. One beach up from Ong Lang, intimate Vung Bau Beach offers peace and quiet. Over on the east coast, stay on Sao Beach, often considered the island's best. Cay Sao Beach is a true getaway - what Phu Quoc was like a decade ago. Jungle and plantations fill the heart of the island and a stay here is ideal for those fond of a rural experience.

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We have 35 places to stay in and around Phu Quoc Island.


With so many places to stay on Phu Quoc Island, trying to pick the right place for you can be a little overwhelming. With that in mind, here is a primer with some of our favourite spots.

Bai Truong (Long Beach or Truong Beach)

The vast bulk of hotels on Phu Quoc (and the vast bulk of construction sites) is on Bai Truong, also known as Long Beach, a 20-plus kilometre stretch of yellow sand that runs down the central west coast of the island. In wet season the seas here are rough and not great for swimming, but in dry season, it’s a placid pool with the gentle lapping of waves lulling you to sleep. It’s the liveliest beach of the island, the entire length offering beachfront accommodation and places to play, laze and eat with your feet in the sand.

On Long Beach you’ll find everything from budget dorms to posh hotels, though expect to pay mid- to top-range prices for beachfront accommodation. The northern part of the beach, which is closest to Duong Dong town, has the highest concentration of places to stay. Tran Hung Dao is the main road that runs north-south parallel to the beach. Duong Dong town itself is rather charmless but the truly frugal who are in need of a private room can shop around town for a local guesthouse (nha nghi).

Further south are some more affordable options and a little more breathing room between properties – for now. Construction of familiar international hotel brands is now underway.

Bai Ong Lang (Ong Lang Beach)

Ong Lang Beach is a quiet sweeping bay located on the western coast just seven kilometres north of Duong Dong town. While the beach isn’t as beautiful as Bai Sao, this is a good compromise for those who want to feel worlds away while still being able to pop into town. Ong Lang attracts long-stay guests and it’s easy to see why: there are standout properties on offer including favourite Mango Bay Resort.

Bai Vung Bau (Vung Bau Beach)

Vung Bau beach is located on the northwest coast, one beach up from Ong Lang Beach and 18 kilometres from Duong Dong town. It’s a small cove with only a few properties, an ideal spot for peace and quiet.

Bai Sao (Sao Beach)

Located on the east coast near the southern tip of the island, Bai Sao’s white sand and turquoise water is often considered Phu Quoc’s best beach – but as its popularity continues to increase, so does the rubbish. For now it has just a handful of places to stay. Bai Sao is a popular spot for day-trippers.

Ai Si Guesthouse
Ai Si Guesthouse

Bai Sao beach on a budget

From 500,000 dong Walk-in

Beach House
Beach House

Bai Sao beachfront

From US$40 Walk-in

Kinh Bac Hotel
Kinh Bac Hotel

Excellent guesthouse but middle of nowhere

From US$30 with Agoda

My Lan
My Lan

Busy and pricey

From US$33 with Agoda

Bai Cay Sao (Cay Sao Beach)

Set north of Ham Ninh ferry station, this area is probably the most deserted and undeveloped of the beachfront on the island. The coastline road Duong Dong Dao is not paved and can be challenging for inexperienced motor scooter drivers. Those with a sense of adventure though are greeted with dramatic unspoilt greenery and white-sand beaches.


Phu Quoc is famed for its beaches but anyone with a window seat on the plane will be struck by how densely verdant the island is. Lush jungle and plantations fill the heart of the island, and accommodation here offers a different experience than surf and sand.