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Tuan Giao

There are a couple of decent options for such a small, remote town.

HongKy Hotel and Cafe Restaurant
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
No 85, Town centre
T: (0230) 386 2355

We thought this little place was simply precious. Located on an alley off the main street, on the opposite side of the road from the Tuan Giao Hotel, the HongKy has prominent signage in English and seems determined to capture the interest of every foreigner passing through town. It's a small, family run place in an attractive house fronted by a pretty courtyard. The rooms are good and clean, with... Read our full review of HongKy Hotel and Cafe Restaurant.

Huyen Trang  guesthouse
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
Town Centre
T: (0230) 386 2538

Just along from Tuan Giao Hotel, before you get to the Hong Ky, the Huyen Trang seems to be more set up as a restaurant for large groups than a guesthouse, with rooms on the first two floors filled with tables and chairs. The bedrooms are nothing special but an improvement on Tuan Giao Hotel. You'll pay a bit more for them but they have air-con and are cleaner and... Read our full review of Huyen Trang guesthouse.

Tuan Giao Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$10
Town Centre
T: (0230) 386 2613

This rather sterile and unwelcoming L-shaped place provides unappealing grotty and mouldy rooms with fairly nasty bathrooms and no air-con — although you do get frilly, canopy-style mozzy nets and broadcast TVs. Just about good enough for the night, which is all you'll need, but we'd still recommend checking out the Hong Ky for a more interesting and pleasant stay, for just a tad more... Read our full review of Tuan Giao Hotel.

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