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Ham Tien

What tourists refer to as “Mui Ne” is actually the village of Ham Tien. Sandwiched between Mui Ne (a fishing village to the east) and the provincial capital Phan Thiet, Ham Tien is where the action happens. There’s a single tourist strip Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street – which turns into Huynh Thuc Khang Street as the road gets close to Mui Ne town – accommodation is either ocean side or across the road from it. As for addresses, even numbers are on the ocean side; odd numbers, the other.

High season in Mui Ne has traditionally been from November to April, low season from May to October. But in recent years tourist numbers have been in decline and some accommodation are applying low season rates as early as February/March.

Mui Ne accommodation is good value but if you dream of beachfront, you will have to have a bigger budget. You’ll also have to be careful in choosing as some places have lost their beachfront completely due to coastal erosion.

Cat Sen Auberge
Midrange - US$20 to 50
195 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (0163) 503 2550

From the moment guests move up the driveway, they will be enraptured by Cat Sen Auberge’s utterly gorgeous property dotted with lofty coconut trees. This hotel is a peaceful respite in a gaudy tourist town and it offers budget travellers a welcoming feeling of home. It’s one of our top picks for Mui Ne. This family-run accommodation has rooms and cottages, both of which exude French charm... Read our full review of Cat Sen Auberge.

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Coco Beach
Luxury - over US$100
58 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (062) 384 7111

Coco Beach Resort is not only the longest-running resort in Mui Ne, it was the very first resort in Vietnam. It occupies prime real estate in the heart of Mui Ne. As the destination has grown, so has Coco Beach from simple bungalows on an empty beach in post-war Vietnam to a family-friendly oasis in a bustling holiday town. Twenty-eight individual bungalows and three villas dot a... Read our full review of Coco Beach.

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Mia Resort Mui Ne
Luxury - over US$100
24 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (064) 3847 440

If money is no object, then Mia Resort Mui Ne is a tropical living fantasy come to life. In addition to beautiful bungalows, the resort has prime beachfront, a pretty pool, a water sports centre, spa and beachside restaurant. Mia Mui Ne wins the best tropical garden award in town. Nestled amongst the abundant greenery are the stylish beach-chic rooms and bungalows. Interiors are fresh and... Read our full review of Mia Resort Mui Ne.

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Thuy Thuy Cottages
Midrange - US$20 to 50
123 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien
T: (062) 384 7357

If you dream of having your own comfortable cottage in a palm dotted garden with a big pool, it exists in Mui Ne: look no further than Thuy Thuy Cottages. Situated on the non-ocean side of the road, the 10 cottages are charming, tidy and well maintained. Each one has a private terrace with a patio set, which adds to the difficulty of deciding where to hang out. The garden has huts with cushy... Read our full review of Thuy Thuy Cottages.

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Villa Aria
Luxury - over US$100
60A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien
T: (062) 374 1660

Chic, tropical and fresh, Villa Aria brings contemporary elegance to Mui Ne’s beachfront. It ticks all the boxes for a resort-type experience – beach, pool, terrace, restaurant, garden, creature comforts – packed into a narrow slice of property. Though not the biggest or flashiest, it’s all you need really and the boutique size is a stark contrast to some of the mega resorts that Mui Ne... Read our full review of Villa Aria.

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Cocosand Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
119 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (0127) 364 3446

Follow a small alley leading from the main strip and you’ll find a quiet, quaint enclave of clean, comfortable rooms and a friendly English speaking owner. Cocosand Hotel (not to be confused with Coco Beach Resort) offers budget travellers excellent value. Rooms face a central sandy garden that has a few hammocks and picnic tables for guests to enjoy. Inside is spotless – clean tile floors,... Read our full review of Cocosand Hotel.

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Hai Yen Family Resort
Midrange - US$20 to 50
132 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (062) 384 7243

A swimming pool does not make a place a “resort” but name games aside, Hai Yen “Family Resort” is decent value. The modern building is reminiscent of a seaside apartment building, with balconies and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors taking full advantage of their vantage. Hai Yen will satisfy travellers who are suckers for a great ocean view. Hai Yen is at the eastern end of the... Read our full review of Hai Yen Family Resort.

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Minh Kha Guesthouse
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
109A Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (062) 374 1255

Tucked behind their restaurant, Minh Kha has fantastic budget rooms that make a good case for spending a few dollars more than a dorm for a private room. The best are in a new three-storey building way at the back, removed from the road traffic and the noise. And the best of the best are the rooms on the top floor – a sliding wooden door makes the front terrace private and while there’s no... Read our full review of Minh Kha Guesthouse.

Mui Ne Backpacker Village
Backpacker - Under US$10
137 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien
T: (062) 3741 047

Mui Ne Backpacker Village is a flashpacker hostel at a backpacker price, and it lives up to its name as they have created an entire village for all a backpacker needs. It instantly reminded us of Melrose Place (a 1990s TV soap opera reference which, yes, dates us) but it does look more like an LA apartment courtyard complex (complete with the central pool) than a hostel. The place is a... Read our full review of Mui Ne Backpacker Village.

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Sunrise Resort
Midrange - US$20 to 50
72 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Mui Ne Beach
T: (062) 384 7015

Next door to Hong Di Bungalows, Sunrise Resort is an affordable haven that is a big step up from its neighbour. If flashpackers splurge a little, they get a clean well-appointed room with ocean access and a pool long enough to do laps. Rooms are simply laid out and have everything an easy going traveller needs: bedside table and plug, coffee table, vanity/desk, clothes drying rack, wall... Read our full review of Sunrise Resort.

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Delight Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$10
109B Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (090) 888 8980

Delight Hotel, also known as An Can Hotel, is your typical guesthouse-esque local hotel offering solidly built, generic rooms at a reasonable price. It’s nothing to write a postcard home about but it’s a safe bet for a private room with a few extras. Those extras include a solid wood desk, mirror, flatscreen TV, bedside table, WiFi, air-con, minifridge and a large wetroom bathroom with hot... Read our full review of Delight Hotel.

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Hong Di Bungalows
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
70 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (062) 384 7014

The price is right for budget travellers and while Hong Di’s rooms are not the newest or flashiest and the service isn’t the friendliest, it offers beachfront accommodation. Hong Di has a bunch of rooms in a longhouse at the back. The mint ice cream coloured walls make the rooms feel slightly dated yet it does come with flash amenities such as flatscreen TV, aircon, mini fridge and WiFi,... Read our full review of Hong Di Bungalows.

Mui Ne Backpackers Resort
Backpacker - Under US$10
88 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien
T: (062) 3847 047

It’s certainly not a resort, however it does offer budget travellers a small resort-type perk as guests have direct access to the ocean. Mui Ne Backpacker Resort has dorms, private rooms and a small flagstone terrace with a few wooden loungers, umbrellas and stone steps leading straight down to the ocean; there’s no beachfront. If you want a patch of sand, you’ll have to walk along the road... Read our full review of Mui Ne Backpackers Resort.

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Rang Garden Beach Side
Midrange - US$20 to 50
128A Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien
T: (062) 374 3787

We endeavoured to find a few decent oceanfront properties with a swimming pool for under US$50 and this is one of them. Rang Garden is located on the quieter end of Mui Ne’s tourist drag and this family-run accommodation has comfy rooms, some of them with a balcony overlooking the sea or pool. The exterior cob (mud) walls are rather ugly but if you can look past that, the rooms inside are... Read our full review of Rang Garden Beach Side.

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Xin Chao
Midrange - US$20 to 50
129 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien
T: (062) 374 3086

Run by amiable English-Vietnamese couple Paul and Tien, Xin Chao is for those looking to escape the big, bland resorts. It’s a modestly sized hotel built around a central courtyard with a rectangular pool. Whether you choose the rooms around the pool or upstairs in the main building, they are clean, comfortable and have some tasteful character with funky abstract art, an accent wall painted... Read our full review of Xin Chao.

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Song Huong Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
241 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien
T: (062) 384 7450

It’s a little out of the way, across from The Sinh Tourist bus office near the eastern end of Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, but Song Huong Hotel would appeal to budget travellers looking for a cheap private room in a modern building. It’s a typical Vietnamese guesthouse affair: white walls, tile floor and hard bed. Guests also get air-con, WiFi, flatscreen TV, bedside table, minifridge and kettle.... Read our full review of Song Huong Hotel.

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Suoi Nuoc Beach

Located 16 kilometres up the coast from Ham Tien village (Mui Ne’s tourist strip), Suoi Nuoc Beach is a breezy, virtually empty stretch of white sand. Interspersed between many abandoned, crumbling resorts are two interesting beachfront properties: a booming backpacker Shangri-La and high-end villas.

Full Moon Village
Toprange - US$50 to 100
Nguyen Co Tach, Suoi Nuoc Beach, 1.8 km up coast from Longson Mui Ne Campground
T: (062) 3836 099

Have a big budget and want to get away from Mui Ne’s tourist bustle? Full Moon Village at Suoi Nuoc Beach is a private getaway. Though the hotel is not on the beach, the property is directly across the quiet road from it and guests have full access to their beach club. Full Moon Village has two-bedroom villas done in a traditional style or three-bedroom modern villas. There’s pricing for a... Read our full review of Full Moon Village.

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Longson Mui Ne Campgrounds
Backpacker - Under US$10
706 St, Hon Rom, Long Son, Suoi Nuoc Beach
T: (090) 268 6489

Cheap. Beachfront. Backpacker. Music to your ears? Set on a virtually empty stretch of white sand beach, Longson Mui Ne Campgrounds is the Club Med for backpackers travelling on a shoestring. Whether you prefer a bricks and mortar air-con dorm, an open air dorm or a tent on the sand, it will cost you chump change. Imagine driving along a quiet, narrow coastal road full of the skeletal remains... Read our full review of Longson Mui Ne Campgrounds.

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Phu Hai

Sandwiched between Phan Thiet city and Ham Tien (the tourist strip referred to as Mui Ne) is Phu Hai, home to a string of upscale resorts offering a more private experience than Mui Ne while still being reasonably close to the tourist strip.

Victoria Phan Thiet
Toprange - US$50 to 100
KM 9, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City
T: (062) 381 3000

Sandwiched between Mui Ne’s tourist strip and Phan Thiet City is Victoria Resort, offering something neither destinations can deliver: private beach. Guests can also look forward to down to earth luxury with the simple, charming bungalows and plenty of entertainment for kids, including a large swimming pool, kids club and playground. Adults get entertainment as well in the form of a spa... Read our full review of Victoria Phan Thiet.

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