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While you can stay in Phan Rang town itself, you're better off staying in nearby Ninh Chu where you'll be closer to the ocean and have a better selection of places to stay.

Ninh Chu

Miles of beach and a quiet, laidback atmosphere make a good case for travellers to stay in Ninh Chu, 7 km from Phan Rang city. The budget accommodation options here are more accustomed to foreign travellers, and offer motorbike rentals and bus/train ticket services. We had heard that Ninh Chu Beach Club & Bar offered camping on the beach but when we visited in March 2016, we were told the tents were broken and camping wasn’t available. If that piques your interest, it’s worth contacting them to find out the latest situation.

Aniise Villa Resort
Toprange - US$50 to 100
Yen Ninh St, Ninh Chu Beach
T: (068) 6251 868

Of the bunch of Vietnamese beachfront resorts in Ninh Chu, Aniise Villa stands out as the best for its modest size and tasteful interior design. Laid out in two storey blocks, rooms are uncontroversial, with a neutral palette of colours and natural touches such as clear stained wood furniture and faux stone tile. Floor to ceiling glass doors open to a private balcony. Inside, rooms are equipped... Read our full review of Aniise Villa Resort.

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Huong Bien Guest House
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
Ninh Chu Beach
T: (068) 387 3044

This is the place for flashpackers to stay at Ninh Chu Beach. Located beside Minh Duc Guesthouse and 50 metres from the beach, Huong Bien Guesthouse offers clean and well done up modern rooms. This means high ceilings, large windows, beds with bedside table and electrical plug, pot lights, air-con and WiFi. Extra flashy comforts include fridge, flatscreen TV, desk, cheery solid pine furniture and... Read our full review of Huong Bien Guest House.

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Minh Duc Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
24A An Duong Vuong, Ninh Chu Beach, Khanh Hai, Ninh Hai District
T: (068) 387 5477

Minh Duc is the best joint for backpackers and if you’re debating whether you should stay in Phan Rang or make the hike to Ninh Chu, Minh Duc’s cheap room rate makes a strong case for the latter. The owner also speaks excellent English, and everything from their motorbike rentals to booking train/bus tickets to getting advice on things to do makes this a very traveller friendly... Read our full review of Minh Duc Guesthouse.

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Phan Rang

Ninh Chu beach, 7 km from Phan Rang, is an appealing option but if you want to stay in the city, Phan Rang has plenty of typical local hotels that mainly cater to Vietnamese guests.

Anh Xuan Mini Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$10
246 Ngo Gia Tu, Phan Rang
T: (068) 3831 351

With just seven rooms, Anh Xuan is a small joint with a central location, at the post office roundabout. Rooms boast high ceilings, tile floor and the wall tiled halfway up, solid wood furniture, air-con, WiFi, fridge and flatscreen TV. It’s a local hotel and that means guests are allowed to smoke in the room. The room we saw had the strong smell of cigarette smoke from a recently checked out... Read our full review of Anh Xuan Mini Hotel.

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Phung Hung Mini Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
260-262 Ngo Gia Tu, Phan Rang
T: (068) 383 0830

Phung Hung is a good alternative to Anh Xuan Hotel, which is just a few blocks away. Don’t be alarmed by the proliferation of tchotchke in the lobby. The cheapest rooms are less frilly, essentially brightly lit windowless boxes with blindingly white walls and enough room to squeeze in all the furniture a solo backpacker needs: bed, bedside table and plug, small desk, minibar and flatscreen TV,... Read our full review of Phung Hung Mini Hotel.

Thien Hong Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$10
15 Nguyen Van Cu St, Phan Rang
T: (068) 3839 379

The lobby is a veritable art gallery of reproductions of famous works, which unintentionally gives a quirky, kitschy flair to this local hotel. Perhaps imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so this hotel pays homage to Rembrandts et al, but the rooms are a blank canvas: white walls, tall ceilings and some not so artistically placed amenities such as fridge, TV and wardrobe. Rooms come with... Read our full review of Thien Hong Hotel.

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