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Golden Lily review, Nat Sin Street (just down the street from the Seint Hotel), Kalaw

Golden Lily

Golden Lily

Simple and cheap

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The Golden Lily has been operated by a friendly Sikh family since 1994.

Travelfish says:

Rooms are very simple but cheap and include your choice of breakfast: European-style, Shan noodles or Indian food. All rooms are no-frills, containing nothing more than beds, four walls and a floor. The rooms with private bathroom are much nicer, made of local pinewood and offering top views from the large terrace. Room rate is for the room, meaning that groups of three or four could share a room and pay only $3-$4 per night each. Shared bathrooms could used some upgrades but are usable. No fans, but Kalaw is naturally breezy. The son of the family, Ramu, is affiliated with local Holiday Professional Trekking Services and is able to offer customised trekking trips lasting from one day and up. This is among the cheapest and friendliest places in town.

Contact details for Golden Lily

Address: Nat Sin Street (just down the street from the Seint Hotel)
Room rates: Under US$20

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Dbl fan share bathroom US$6 US$6
Dbl fan private bathroom US$12 US$12
Quad fan share bathroom US$12 US$12

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On regular trips to SE Asia Matt spends most of his time motorcycling through the countryside and sampling exotic foods. He's been a fan of Travelfish since 2007 (coincidentally the same year he quit his corporate job in the USA and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok!) ;-)

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