Hotel Rattan Resto

Hotel Rattan Resto

Get shell shocked

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We can safely guarantee that you probably won’t find another hotel quite like Hotel Rattan Resto anywhere else in the world. It’s the quirkiest hotel we’ve ever encountered. Not to everyone’s taste, the novelty value alone makes this bizarre shell-encrusted wonderland worth a stay.

Travelfish says:

Located on the main road in Lovina, we almost walked past Hotel Rattan Resto, as it looks more like a closed dark restaurant — the “Rattan Resto” part of the name. In the courtyard beyond, a surreal fantasy awaits. A passion for decorating with shells here goes beyond a simple conch or two in the bathroom — everything including the toilet, shower, floor, walls and ceiling is covered. Not only shells, but webs of gnarled tree roots, branches and leaves, stuffed birds and trinkets add to the mesmerising mix.

Shells, shells, shells. : Sally Arnold.
Shells, shells, shells. Photo: Sally Arnold

Surrounding a small swimming pool, also adorned with shells, the themed rooms offer a variety of combinations, with double-storey family rooms available too. The kids will love it. Rattan Resto have some ’normal rooms’, like you can find anywhere — go for the shells. However you may only last one night — if you’re looking for comfort, we’d recommend anywhere else as the bed is made of loose shells. Yes, we mean the “mattress”. Shells. Shells covered in a sheet. We’ve slept on a water bed before (remember the 70s?), but have to admit we didn’t test this bed for comfort. If you really can’t face a shell bed, a couple of the theme rooms offer proper mattresses.

Rooms are dark and feel a little gloomy, and could really benefit from some decent lighting, however the cave-like ambience may be lost and could possibly reveal all sorts of critters hiding in the crevices. Some rooms are more bamboo/jungle themed, but still heavy on the shells. Ensuite hot-water bathrooms are, of course shell covered, the floor offering a shell foot massage as you plod around barefoot.

It's like the opposite of a spring mattress. Yes, a shell mattress. : Sally Arnold.
It's like the opposite of a spring mattress. Yes, a shell mattress. Photo: Sally Arnold

Breakfast is included and can be served in the attached rattan-themed restaurant. WiFi is available so you can Instagram immediately; believe us, you’ll want to share this eccentric curiosity. Staff are friendly and accommodating and were quite happy for us to come back a second time for more photos (we couldn’t stop at one look). Walk in prices were very negotiable, so try your luck.

Hotel Rattan Resto has to be seen to be believed. It will make for some hilarious holiday stories; there’s nowhere else like it. And if you’re looking for a gothic fantasy film location, we’ve got just the place.

Quite somebody's little fantasy world. : Sally Arnold.
Quite somebody's little fantasy world. Photo: Sally Arnold

Rattan Resto is located on the main Seririt-Singaraja road, just east of Alfamart. Look for the map of Bali made from shells. If weird themed rooms are your thing, Hotel Bottelmaina also offers a couple of odd offerings, but not quite to the scale of this place.

Contact details for Hotel Rattan Resto

Address: Jalan Seririt-Singaraja, Kalbukbuk
T: (0362) 42 288; (0821) 4723 3415;  
Coordinates (for GPS): 115º1'41.01" E, 8º9'40.62" S
See position in Apple or Google Maps: Apple Maps | Google Maps
Room rates: 150,000 to 400,000 Rp

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Standard double room 350,000 rupiah 650,000 rupiah

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Sally spent twelve years leading tourists around Indonesia and Malaysia where she collected a lot of stuff. She once carried a 40kg rug overland across Java. Her house has been described as a cross between a museum and a library. Fuelled by coffee, she can often be found riding her bike or petting stray cats. Sally believes travel is the key to world peace.

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