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Poki Poki

Where even the pier has hammocks

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“Welcome Home” reads the sign as you start the walk down the length of Poki Poki’s orchid-decorated, hammock-strewn pier. Yes, there are hammocks literally on the pier here, and that pretty much neatly sums up the place.

Travelfish says:

Previously Pitate, Poki Poki offers a selection of wooden cottages and bamboo bungalows in a few different flavours, running along a very pretty beachfront about a 10-minute boat ride to the east of Bomba village (we were told it is also possible to walk, though not drive or ride, here, but you’ll most likely arrive by boat the first time). At the centre is a comfortable (and again hammock-strung) restaurant with the bungalows running out to each side.

Cottage style bungalow. Watch the kids with that deck! : Stuart McDonald.
Cottage style bungalow. Watch the kids with that deck! Photo: Stuart McDonald

The day we visited, Poki Poki was full, and in shoulder season that alone says this place is doing something right. Repeatedly other travellers we met in the archipelago were talking about here, so take our word for it, if you are heading here in high season, booking in advance will be close to essential... or maybe just bring your tent. We were shown around by the very friendly Mila, who doubles as the cook (and apparently runs cooking classes for those interested).

There is just so much attention to detail here—the two hammock bales on the pier for starters, which are perfect places to lose an afternoon in the company of a good book and a cold drink. There is also a treehouse-style platform in a tree near the pier. In reception, signage offers a comprehensive range of activities from cooking classes to bird walks and trekking (along with the more usual boat trips and snorkelling options). While you can choose to be idle, there is plenty to do.

Classic beach bungalow. : Stuart McDonald.
Classic beach bungalow. Photo: Stuart McDonald

The pier takes you way out, and has to rival Island Retreat and Kadidiri Paradise for the longest pier in the Togeans. In this case, it takes you over a large field of seaweed and according to signage on site, there is a reef a bit further out. We spied a pontoon even further out which we guess belongs to the resort and would be ideal for sunset (for strong or very patient swimmers only!). When after being told they were full, we asked where all the guests were, and the staffer explained they were all out on snorkelling trips... which perhaps says something about the house reef—we’re not sure.

As it was full, we were unable to see inside any of the rooms save a peek in a window here and there. Bungalows are large, and come in a few flavours. There are bamboo ones, with double glass windows and more windows on the side, allowing plenty of light in. Another option are bright yellow and teal cottage-style rooms with decorative motifs and broad decks—note the decks on these have very limited railings so if you have kids, keep an eye on them so they don’t topple over the edge. Please refer to their website for plenty of detailed photos of the room interiors.

Plenty of beach to go around. : Stuart McDonald.
Plenty of beach to go around. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Prices at Poki Poki are firmly into the midrange, and their 100% single supplement which is levied on some of the rooms was the highest we saw on the Togeans, making some rooms decidedly poor value for single travellers. The rates on their website are also significantly different to what we were told they were when we visited in person, so we’ve gone with what is on the website rather than what we were told in person.

Pricewise, Poki Poki sits between Poya Lisa and the more expensive Island Retreat on the other side of Bomba, though Poki Poki certainly has a more traveller vibe to it. If you’re looking for something more budget focussed in the same area, look no further than Poya Lisa.

Contact details for Poki Poki

Address: East of Bomba, Pulau Batudaka
Email: info@pokipoki.land
Web: https://www.pokipoki.land/
Coordinates (for GPS): 121º40'42.86" E, -0º30'47.84" N
See position in Apple or Google Maps: Apple Maps | Google Maps
Room rates: 400,000 to 1,000,000 Rp

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Standard double room
250,000 rupiah in August. Per person full board. Single supplement 50%
200,000 rupiah 225,000 rupiah
Superior double room
350,000 rupiah in August. Per person full board. Single supplement 100%
250,000 rupiah 300,000 rupiah

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