Lattanavongsa Guesthouse

Lattanavongsa Guesthouse

Still one of the best in Muang Ngoi

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Lattanavongsa Guesthouse was the first guesthouse to offer ensuite bathrooms in Muang Ngoi and for years, it was the most luxurious place in town.

Travelfish says:

Others have now caught up and more recently built Ning Ning takes the crown but Lattanavongsa remains a top choice, representing excellent value—that is, if you snag a good rate. We were quoted wildly different rates from different people.

Garden decor courtesy of the US military. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
Garden decor courtesy of the US military. Photo: Cindy Fan

First, the guesthouse. Lattanavongsa has two plots, a single building with four rooms at the top of the boat landing stairs (immediately on the lefthand side) and another behind it on the main street, a spacious property replete with 12 semi-detached bungalows, a courtyard, neatly manicured garden and picnic tables. We do favour the garden option because there is more privacy. Being semi-detached, it also means there’s less chance of hearing noise from neighbours.

The fan-cooled bungalows are clean, have solid wood floors, reasonably soft beds topped with white cotton linens including a duvet cover, as well as window screens to keep out mosquitoes and other creepy-crawlies. Each bungalow has its own bathroom with Western toilet, and while the basic tile and concrete will initially feel not up to par with the rest of the room, it has a made in Japan gas heated shower meaning 24-hour piping hot water. During a freezing spell, while we suffered through a teeth-chattering tepid electric heated shower at another guesthouse, Lattanavongsa guests bragged to us about their indulgently hot shower, so nice and powerful the bathroom became a steam room.

Slightly blurry ... sorry! But you get the idea. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
Slightly blurry ... sorry! But you get the idea. Photo: Cindy Fan

There are no river views here, but porches with chairs and the green space provide plenty of room to find privacy or congregate. The only wild card is the random pricing. We were originally quoted 100,000 kip. Another family member, who spoke better English, said it was firmly 250,000 kip with breakfast included while a guest we met said they got it for 80,000 kip. Like all Muang Ngoi accommodation, it’s a matter of supply and demand and low season should garner a reasonable rate. If you can get it for 100,000 kip, it’s a fair deal and in the winter months, the best bet for a hot shower.

Contact details for Lattanavongsa Guesthouse

Address: On the left after walking up from the boat landing
T: (020) 2386 3640;  
Coordinates (for GPS): 102º40'26.08" E, 20º42'38.25" N
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Room rates: Under US$10

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Bungalow fan private bathroom 100,000 kip 100,000 kip

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