Ning Ning Guesthouse

Ning Ning Guesthouse

Muang Ngoi’s pricey best

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Ning Ning Guesthouse is Muang Ngoi’s most upscale option and before it was built, the lack of modern guesthouses would prevent some travellers from staying overnight, instead opting to visit on a daytrip from Nong Kiaow.

Travelfish says:

The solid walls and clean comfort they seek are now on offer though, and while it is still a far cry from Nong Kiau Riverside and Mandala Ou, the two top lodges in Nong Kiaow, its modern features are nevertheless revolutionary for Muang Ngoi. It would also win the town’s award for best view—it is terrific and obviously so, since anyone who arrives to Muang Ngoi by boat will see the rooms just to the left of the landing, perched high on concrete stilts along the river’s edge. The row of seven rooms have sliding glass doors and a balcony that faces the water and mountains, the view with zero obstruction.

The view from afar. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
The view from afar. Photo: Cindy Fan

Sensational view aside, the rooms won’t knock anyone’s flip flops off unless you’ve spent all day looking at every single one of Muang Ngoi’s bamboo huts (as we had). So after the umpteeth rickety bungalow, we were duly impressed by Ning Ning’s fan cooled rooms which boast solid walls, wide wooden floor boards, bamboo furniture, bedside plug and light switch, mosquito net and modern bathroom complete with sink with wooden countertop and shower, a rain shower being one of two nozzle options.

It’s not luxurious but manages to be elegant with its simplicity of wood floors and plain white walls. What lies beyond the sliding glass doors serves as the decoration. When you tire of sitting on your balcony gawking at the mountains (each balcony has a bamboo table and chair set), head downstairs to their enormous restaurant terrace which practically juts out over the water and gawk some more. Guests will enjoy their included breakfast here.

A room with a view. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
A room with a view. Photo: Cindy Fan

For any traveller who needs a modern room and creature comfort, as of 2018 this is the only choice. There’s no other accommodation remotely offering this level of comfort and they know it. Unfortunately it is over priced and not great value, especially when compared to what you get in Nong Kiaow. Also don’t expect service levels to match the price, this is still sleepy Muang Ngoi after all.

Ning Ning is for the traveller without a strict budget. We did notice lower rates on online booking sites compared to the walk in rate quoted to us, so if interested, it’s worth checking rates online.

Contact details for Ning Ning Guesthouse

Address: Immediately on the left after walking up from the boat landing
T: (020) 2386 3306;  
Coordinates (for GPS): 102º40'26.09" E, 20º42'39.18" N
See position in Apple or Google Maps: Apple Maps | Google Maps
Room rates: US$20 to 50

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Bungalow fan private bathroom 320,000 kip 320,000 kip

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