Sea Flower Resort

Sea Flower Resort

Pink Why pink?

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If you want a bungalow by the sea for less than 1,000 baht, the shockingly pink Sea Flower Resort is probably the best that Lonely Beach can muster.

Travelfish says:

We don’t despise the colour pink as a rule, but designers here chose a staggering hue that borders on the orange of a not-well egg yolk—and they plastered it everywhere. Thankfully they spared us by painting interior walls beige, even if we did have to wake up to the bright pink blankets.

Pretty in pink. Photo by: David Luekens.
Pretty in pink. Photo: David Luekens

Stacked very close together, most of the concrete bungalows are acceptable for the prices, though we noticed plenty of cracks on exteriors and grime in the tiled bathrooms. The cheapest rooms come three to a building at the rear—try to avoid these in favour of a similarly priced freestanding bungalow. All fan-cooled rooms come with cold-water shower and plastic chairs on the porches.

Those seeking air-con would be wise to pay the extra 100 baht for a seafront room rather than go for one of the cube-shaped bungalows in the second row, which afford sea views only from unfurnished rooftop terraces bordering on derelict. Front-row editions bag you a sea view from bed.

Repeated exposure to pink may encourage insanity, we’ve heard, which may explain why staffers become impatient from time to time. The constant stream of backpackers and loud music nearby until late at night, every night, also may have something to do with it. The location puts you within easy walking distance of Lonely Beach’s two main nightlife areas: the beach and village. If hitting the sack early, bring heavy-duty earplugs.

Plenty of pink inside too. Photo by: David Luekens.
Plenty of pink inside too. Photo: David Luekens

The property has a bit of history in backpacking lore, as it was first developed as the original Treehouse bungalow joint in the 1990s. Years before techno (and electricity) reached Lonely Beach, intrepid travellers once slept in hammocks and strummed guitars here. Most of Treehouse’s old outdoor chill area on a seafront lawn has been preserved, as Sea Flower’s saving grace.

Sea Flower does not have a restaurant and WiFi is patchy. The similarly priced concrete bungalows painted acid green at neighbouring Sunset Huts are more rundown, but with some set closer to the seafront. If you don’t mind being off the coast, Sunflower Bungalows isn’t a bad deal for a slightly room in the village. On an inland lane, Oasis and it sidekick, Little Eden, are much better in terms of quality and the possibility of sleeping before 02:00.

Contact details for Sea Flower Resort

Address: Lonely Beach village, Ko Chang
T: (082) 213 1100 ; (081) 782 4524;  
Coordinates (for GPS): 102º17'42.17" E, 12º0'6.06" N
See position in Apple or Google Maps: Apple Maps | Google Maps
Room rates: Under 600B

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Bungalow fan private bathroom 400 baht 600 baht
Bungalow air-con private bathroom
Plus 100 baht for sea view bungalow
900 baht 1,200 baht

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David Luekens first came to Thailand in 2005 when Thai friends from his former home of Burlington, Vermont led him on a life-changing trip. Based in Thailand since 2011, he spends much of his time eating in Bangkok street markets and island hopping the Andaman Sea.

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