The best budget accommodation on Ko Pha Ngan

The best budget accommodation on Ko Pha Ngan

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If there is one thing that Ko Pha Ngan absolutely has a great supply of, it is of great, yet affordable places to stay, and here is our selection of a dozen great budget places to stay on Ko Pha Ngan.

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These are scattered all the way around the island, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs regardless of where on the island you're headed. All of the following have some kind of offering for under 1,000 baht a night, with many coming in at under 500 baht. If you're wanting to save every possible baht, be sure to compare the rates at online agents as well as via the property direct. Don't assume one or the other will reliably be the cheapest.

Now that is a treehouse. : David Luekens.
Now that is a treehouse. Photo: David Luekens

Ao Thong Sala: Goodtime Beach Backpackers at Charm Beach
The Goodtime Adventure crew came along in 2016, joining forces with Charm Beach Resort’s long-time manager to breathe new energy into this old favourite on Ao Thong Sala. A beachfront bungalow was transformed into a dorm with bunks going for 350 baht. Those with less to spend can go for a 200-baht bunk off the beach, while 750-baht gets you a large private bungalow. All of the above comes with a swimming pool and social scene without the all-out party attitude.
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Relax and take it easy. : David Luekens.
Relax and take it easy. Photo: David Luekens

Baan Tai: Infinity Beach Club
When first arriving at Infinity Beach Club on Baan Tai Beach, we assumed that it was an upscale place with rooms fetching a minimum of 1,000 baht. Our jaws nearly dropped when we were told that it’s purely a hostel with clean mixed dorms starting at just 200 baht. For that you get to float in an enormous lagoon-style pool set to sea views and trance beats played over a thumping sound system. This is a beachfront party hostel that’s hard to forget.
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Welcome to Blue Dream Hostel. : David Luekens.
Welcome to Blue Dream Hostel. Photo: David Luekens

Baan Tai: Blue Dream Hostel
The Blue Dream makes up for its roadside location in Baan Tai by offering a long list of extras: swimming pool, fitness centre and football pitch, to name a few. Mixed dorms start at 100 baht and privates at 450 baht -- tremendous value given the raft of common areas and activities. The vibe is more spring break than punk rock; look to the nearby Nomad House if you’re not the sporty type.
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Welcome to Mac. : David Luekens.
Welcome to Mac. Photo: David Luekens

Baan Tai: Mac Backpackers
The very long-running Mac Backpackers still earns a place on this list thanks to ramshackle bungalows set a couple of hundred metres from the beach for just 150 to 400 baht. It seems that their motto, “Cheapest Price Bungalow,” is taken seriously. There’s no restaurant on site, but guests can cook their meals in a shared kitchen or stroll over to the larger midrange associate, Mac Bay Resort.
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Great views. : David Luekens.
Great views. Photo: David Luekens

Baan Kai: Golden Beach Resort
Boasting some of the best sunset views on the island, Golden Beach is a classic bungalow spot run by the same family since the 1980s. Offering exceptional value on a coastline with no shortage of dirt-cheap rooms, the bungalows range from 350 to 600 baht and all come with screened windows and a sea breeze. Some shockingly cheap air-con rooms can be scored here too.
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Now that is a pool with a view. : Stuart McDonald.
Now that is a pool with a view. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Haad Rin sunset side: Suncliff Resort
Perched on and sprawling along the hillside above Haad Rin's sunset side, Suncliff remains one of the best deals in the area for travellers looking for air-con, pool, restaurant, WiFi and tremendous views with a sometimes generous dose of rustic. The cheapest rooms here start at 500 baht, but you're well advised to upgrade yourself to at least the 800 baht level for something more habitable. They have oodles of rooms, so be sure to ask to see a few.
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The view from the headland.  : Stuart McDonald.
The view from the headland. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Haad Sadet: My Pen Rai Bungalows
Long-running, Mai Pen Rai Bungalows are scattered all over the place – beach bums will love the beachfront rooms that run alongside the restaurant, while those sitting limpet like along the rocky northern headland below Plaa's Restaurant will appeal to those who rate a view over sand immediacy. Rates start at 650 baht, but there are a lot of options rising up into the low thousands.
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Lush setting. : Stuart McDonald.
Lush setting. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Thong Nai Pan Yai: Longtail Beach Resort
Longtail Beach Resort is the southernmost spot to stay on Thong Nai Pan Yai and with solid bungalows, friendly staff and spacious leafy grounds, it is worth the walk. The bungalows come in both fan-cooled and air-con flavours and are quite spacious, with generously sized decks already slung with hammocks and mosquito-net shrouded beds within. Bathrooms are clean and well looked after, nearly all have hot water. Rates start at 550 baht. If full, go for the nearby Dolphin. Both are solid options.
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Living up to the name. : Stuart McDonald.
Living up to the name. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Bottle Beach: Bottle Beach II
Bottle Beach II has long been the most rustic of the places to stay on Bottle Beach, so much so it seems almost like they build bungalows in a fallover style by design, but they're slowly rotating in a more modern style that will appeal to flashpackers and families while still retaining enough of the old shacks to keep the budget backpackers happy. From 300 baht in low season!
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Beach frontage at My Way. : Stuart McDonald.
Beach frontage at My Way. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Haad Salad: My Way
One of the originals, My Way was the first place we ever plonked our bags down on Ko Pha Ngan and it retains a soft spot in our heart. When we used to stay here in the early 90s a bamboo beachfront hut was something like 40 (not 400!) baht and the only other place to stay was Salad Hut. Oh how times change. Now from 300 baht in low season.
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On the way to jungle. : Stuart McDonald.
On the way to jungle. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Ao Chaophao: Jungle Hut
While they'd not qualify as jungle on the National Geographic channel, the lush yet well tended gardens at Jungle Hut go a good way towards delivering a jungly by the beach feel. The gardens also deliver a dose of privacy to the cute huts that run down from the roadside reception and restaurant area down to the beach, making this a popular spot for those who like to swing in the hammock – just not in front of the world. From 300 baht in low season.
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Simple living. : Stuart McDonald.
Simple living. Photo: Stuart McDonald

Ao Plaay Laem: Beach 99
Laid back and uber friendly, the ramchackle Beach 99 delivers simple and eclectic beach beach bungalows in a rustic setting at towards the southern end of Plaay Laem, just around the boulders from Cookies. These are some of the simplest bungalows we list for Ko Pha Ngan, and we're pretty sure there wasn't a single straight edge in the entire hut we stayed in here, but it was smack-bang on the beach with a big deck, a hammock and a recliner and cost just 800 baht, which struck us as a pretty good deal. From 500 baht.
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