Hoa's Place

Hoa's Place

A budget institution near the beach

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Sandwiched between the Melia Resort to the south and the Furama Resort to the North, Hoa’s Place was bulldozed in 2013 to clear the land for future development.

Travelfish says:

Though he was given new land nearer the beach, for now Hoa’s Place is for the short term (he potentially has permission to open a new guesthouse) and has been reduced to the breakfast part of B&B teaming up with a couple of guesthouses on the other side of the beach road. Fluent English-speaking Hoa (pronounced ’hwa’) is a local institution. His small, family-run beach restaurant is within steps of both the Marble Mountains and a practically deserted stretch of beach. While he presently doesn’t have any rooms, Hoa serves as the manager for all the accommodation in the area and can easily arrange a room for you in one of the adjoining guesthouses (he can get better prices for you than if you approached the guesthouses yourself). The restaurant is very popular and hanging out here is a great way to meet fellow travellers. Time and time again, Travelfish users have informed us that they showed up here planning to stay a few days and stayed a week. We’ve received a number of reports that booking requests to Hoa’s by email tend to go unanswered even though he bought an Ipad in 2014 (he’s confused by it, so just uses it for games) and has WiFi installed at the restaurant. You’re probably best to just show up or telephone ahead.

Contact details for Hoa's Place

Address: 215/14 Huyen Tran Cong Chua St, China Beach
T: (236) 3969 216; (0905) 640 542;  
Email: hoasplace@gmail.com
Room rates: Under US$10

Room rates

What we were quoted as a walk-in.

Sgl fan private bathroom US$7 US$7

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After years of camping in her back garden in the New Forest, Caroline Mills’ parents went wild and jetted her off to Morocco where her dream of becoming a traveling belly dancer was born.

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