Posting guidelines

Posting guidelines

The Travelfish travel forum exists to serve as an information resource for travellers planning a trip to Southeast Asia -- it does not exist as a spamfest for businesses to flog their wares.

If you are a Vietnamese focused travel business, read this.

Nevertheless, we realise there is a desire among some businesses not currently listed in the Travelfish site, to get a mention on the forum. To satisfy this need, we have created specific sections within the forum for Additions -- they're listed (funnily enough) on the forum.

If you wish to add your place of business to the Travelfish forum, you are more than welcome to do so -- once and once only, in the New Listings section mentioned above.

Do not, and we want to be very clear on this, so there are no mis-understandings, please do not post about your business on other sections on the messageboard and please do not bump it back up to get it back onto the homepage. If you need your entry changed, contact us by email with the details and we'll change it. Lastly, don't pretend to be a guest who just wants to share the merits of your business with Travelfish readers. Be honest, say who you are -- it's easier for everyone that way.

We reckon the above are pretty simple rules to follow, but they're obviously way too complicated for some businesses. If you don't follow the rules, your business will be blacklisted. By that we mean you won't be listed anywhere on the Travelfish site -- ever. There are no second chances -- we don't believe in rehab for spammers.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

A special note for Vietnam-focussed travel agents

We no longer accept any posting on behalf of Vietnam-focussed travel businesses. We apologise in advance if you want to post on behalf of a legitimate, non-spamming business, but your compatriots have well and truly burnt this bridge to absolute cinders.

Around 95% of the accounts we ban belong to Vietnam-focussed travel agents. Tracking down and banning these accounts wastes our time. It also wastes the time of the travel agents concerned -- especially the one in Hue that we've now banned around 90 times. We believe the best solution for all concerned is for us to ban the lot of you and you to turn your spamming efforts to any of the many other travel websites out there.

New sign-ups that we deem to be associated with Vietnam-focussed travel agents will be banned immediately. We will not wait for you to post on the site. So really, save your time and ours by just not bothering.

There is one exception to this rule. If you're a legitimate agent, that we're personally familiar with. That's it.