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This account has been disabled

We disable relatively few accounts on Travelfish and here is a brief explanation of why your account may have been removed.

If you've tried to log in to Travelfish and received a message stating your account has been banned, here are some of the main reasons we may have closed the account (in order of frequency).

1) The account was used for spamming the forum.
2) We determined that the account was used on behalf of a travel agent or other travel related business. We do not allow this.
3) The account was used to post abuse.
4) The account was a duplicate (see below).
5) The account was used in a manner in violation of our terms of use.

Duplicate accounts

Many moons ago, members were able to set up multiple accounts with a single email address (this was by oversight, not design). With the redesigned site, we fixed this programmatic flaw, but it left us with a pre-existing member list of literally thousands of duplicate accounts. Because of the scale of the problem, we automatically fixed it by disabling all duplicate accounts related to a single email address – except for the most recent one.

What this means is that if you (for whatever reason) created five usernames linked to one email address, we have banned all but the latest account. This shouldn't be a problem unless you actually wanted to use the third account (for example). In cases like this, please contact us and we'll shuffle them around so you can use the preferred account. We apologise for any inconvenience.