The Independent on Guidebooks

The Independent has a good story talking about what goes into producing a guidebook and does a fine job of dispelling some of the myths — pointing out that the publication date really is pretty meaningless and that guide-book writing really is a seriously under-paid, over-rated job! Yet it also seems to suggest that guidebook writers for the large legacy publishers really do visit all the places they list (they don’t) and that they don’t take freebies (they do) — I guess nobody is perfect!

Nevertheless, if you’re a guidebook user (and chances are you are), it is well worth a read. I particularly liked the quote from a Rough Guide “avid user” — “I do look at the free travel information on the web, but I don’t trust it. I’m never sure who writes the stuff, how old it is, whether it is properly researched or just ‘advertorial’.”

We hope you feel differently!

Found via Gadling.