Wiki don’t travel, but Travelfish does

Slate ran this Friday a piece on using the internet as one’s main source of travel information for a trip to Thailand. After finding that Wikitravel just doesn’t travel well, we’re delighted to say Travelfish helped save the author’s trip. Give the story a read here.

I’ve been following some of the online discussion that has followed Tim Wu’s story in Slate — it’s interesting (and somewhat disappointing) that the focus has been on what’s wrong with WikiTravel rather than what’s right with Travelfish — afterall didn’t we save Tim’s trip?!

While some posts are almost at pains not to mention Travelfish, at least Meta Filter had a good yarn about some of the issues. There’s also a conspiracy theory and a few words from Evan Prodromou, one of the founders of WikiTravel — who takes Wu’s concerns as I assume they were intended — constructively.

While I guess I’m somewhat biased, I thought the Slate story was pretty fair. Given the small team (ie., one full time employee — me!) we have at Travelfish, I think we’ve done a great job at putting together what is — without question — the most comprehensive guide to the region available online, and we’re very excited about what we have planned for Travelfish in the future — we hope you are too.