It’s a travel website, not a travel blog

If you’re running a travel blog and view it as a potential income source, stop calling it a travel blog and start calling it a travel website.

From the content director’s (sorry I just can’t use curator) point of view, the process doesn’t change one iota, but from the advertisers point of view the perception can change considerably.

Stop calling yourself a blogger. Start calling yourself a writer (or photographer, artist etc).

Stop running a blog. Start running a travel website.

5 thoughts on “It’s a travel website, not a travel blog

  1. Don’t necessarily agree with you on this. The important thing is content – one of the most popular travel websites in Indonesia? Bali Blog!

  2. True, but they rebranded about a year ago – site is now called “WhyGo Bali” (though the domain is still the same).

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  4. But then I’d have to migrate from blogspot, and besides those Exotisimo adds are just to look cool, and because they asked me.

  5. Stuart, I perfectly agree with the first part of your thesis: blogging was cool a few years ago but after the blog is nothing but a website with a time-line.

    Now, regarding the “calling yourself a writer, photographer, artist part”, this sounds a bit scarry. Due to blogging, millions of brainless idiots have something to write on their business cards. Let them be bloggers. We already have too many artists (thanks to the marijuana)


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