Thirteen points on thirteen years

After first announcing Travelfish had turned 14, I did some basic math and realised the business is actually only 13 years old. So, aside from improve your math, here are some other thoughts, thirteen to be exact, on thirteen years of running a travel website.

Work practises
* Your laptop will take all the time you give it.
* Own your mistakes.
* Listen to your readers and users but don’t follow their every whim.

Social media
* Facebook is better for traffic than Twitter.
* Twitter is better for making connections than Facebook.

Travel guide stuff
* Stick to your principles. There is no single “right way” to create a travel guide.
* Covering obscure places that nobody goes to, is the best part of the gig.
* Destinations that nobody goes to will earn you next to no money. They are very easy to rank for though.
* Don’t assume that submitted corrections are always accurate.

Money stuff
* Look after, listen to, and pay your staff as best you can.
* Don’t assume readers won’t pay for what you are doing.
* Don’t write for free.

Most importantly
* Remember to take a holiday. This one took me twelve years.