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Private messaging on Travelfish

Posted by somtam2000 on 7/5/2010 at 16:18 admin

Ok, long promised, now (kinda) delivered.

To use the private messaging you need to do the following:

Login and go to the Member Profile section ans change the following:
Set "Messaging" to "enabled"
Set "Profile" to "Public"

Once you have done this, on the main Member Profile screen you'll see a new link in the left column reading "Click here for Private Messages"

Click on that and that will take you to the Private message thingy. At first view it should be largely blank.

It is important to remember that the default setting for private messaging is "Off". The system will not let you send a message to someone who has not enabled it and likewise if you have not enabled it you will neither be able to send or receive them.

You contact people via the forum -- as you'll see in the left column beside this post (under the pic) there is a link reading "Private message". You click on that and you'll be taken to a screen that will let you send me a message -- note you need to have enabled private messaging yourself and obviously be logged in for this to work.

On the main Private messaging screen you'll see there are three sections:
1) Messages you have sent
2) Messages you have received
3) Shortcut

The first is pretty self explanatory.

The second, click on a link and you'll see not only the message show up, but also a form box so you can shoot off a reply straight away. You can't reply to your own messages!

The shortcut section will list the usernames of people you have already contacted. This is to save you digging through the messageboard trying to find a link to someone you want to contact. Initially there is nobody listed -- feel free to send me a message to test it out -- I reply to all PMS :)

1) This is basically a cutdown version of the forum. All HTML (so bolds, italics etc) is stripped out. Any website addresses will appear as intended, but they will not be clickable (recipient will need to copy and paste it into the url bar). Don't use the UBB code - it has been disabled for this section.

2) Members are under no obligation whatsoever to activate any of this, so please don't pester people asking them to activate their messaging. Ask once.

3) Be nice. The messages go through the same filter for bad language etc.

4) The messages are "private" in that they cannot be read by casual visitors to the site, but they are not encrypted and can be read by me. Believe you me I have better things to do with my time than reading member's private messages. Just sayin.

5) Don't spam.

As you'll see this is a very basic PM system -- if you have suggestions on how it could be improved, or if you have any display problems etc, please post below so I'm aware of it.

One thing I'm thinking of adding is an email notification whenever you receive a PM - let me know if people are keen for this.

Questions, as always, welcome.

#1 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 7,576
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Posted by busylizzy on 8/5/2010 at 03:55

Very cool, Somtam!!

I think an email notification is a definite requirement. Usually when I come to the site I am just reading the latest posts. I rarely bother logging in unless I post myself so don't see myself checking my PM's just in case someone sent me something.

I would think that an email notification is a necessity to make this work successfully for most people.

#2 busylizzy has been a member since 31/12/2007. Location: New Zealand. Posts: 2,155
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Posted by SBE on 8/5/2010 at 04:36

Even when you're logged in you can't see if you've got a message unless you click on the member center box at the top of the page. Email notification is definitely a good idea!

#3 SBE has been a member since 14/4/2008. Location: Global Village. Posts: 2,020
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Posted by busylizzy on 8/5/2010 at 05:34

Another suggestion .... it would be nice to not have to log in time I come to the site (assuming I want to make a post). What about a 'keep me logged in' option in the Member Profile area (turned off as a default).

Then, add a 'Private Messages' link somewhere on the Home Page that will allow me to go straight there, instead of the current 2-3 step process.

Now... what about that edit function?! :-)

#4 busylizzy has been a member since 31/12/2007. Location: New Zealand. Posts: 2,155
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Posted by somtam2000 on 8/5/2010 at 09:25 admin

OK, once you're logged in there is a "private messages" link at the top of every page.

We don't keep people logged in because many use it at internet cafes and we prefer to drop the session rather than leaving it for people to log out.

Hope that clears it up.

#5 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 7,576
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Posted by christay2009 on 14/5/2010 at 02:47

I have been caught out three times by not adding a 'topic title' and then losing the whole message. I know, i know, you would think i could learn but if i spend 10 minutes PM'ing i just forget.

Is there anyway you could make a default topic of [No topic added] or something so that even if you forget it doesn't just delete the message you've written?? I presume there is some reason why you need a topic title in the first place.

I thought i'd add, its been nice watching the way TF has progressed/developed so much since i started using it. I think it's only been less than a year but things are moving fast. Keep up the good work. I don't come on here as much these days because it just reminds me of what i'm missing!

#6 christay2009 has been a member since 8/2/2009. Location: United Kingdom. Posts: 414

Posted by somtam2000 on 14/5/2010 at 10:34 admin

OK, title text added in.

Thanks for the praise :)

#7 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 7,576
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