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Hotel & other business owners - please read

Posted by somtam2000 on 5/9/2007 at 17:07 admin

We're getting an increasing number of fake posts by businesses pretending to be guests. We consider posts like this to be spam and they will be deleted.

I thought adding a link on the bottom of every page of the Travelfish site reading "How do I get my business listed on Travelfish?" would have been sufficient, but reading that section appears to be far too complex an undertaking for some businesses.

So once more for the dummies, posting fake reviews and recommendations for your business anywhere on Travelfish is a NO NO. Your messages will be deleted. Do it more than once and you'll be banned. Sign up under another username and do it yet again and you'll be banned again and your business will be banished -- never to be listed -- if you're already listed, we'll remove it!

There are clear sections within the messageboard where you can add your place of business. Businesses adding in this way will be passed to the researchers to be considered for inclusion. There is NO OTHER WAY for businesses to suggest themselves to us -- we do a pretty reasonable job of sniffing out places worth listing (and catching spammers).

There's plenty of other travel websites that are spamfests, so please take your spamming there and leave me in peace.

Thank you.

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