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Mid-repy timeout and Edit ability

Posted by Captain_Bob on 28/4/2014 at 13:17

1. Although I've elected for "Remember login: Enabled" in Preferences and can therefore return to the site eternally logged in, it seems the clock is ticking while I'm replying to a post. Is it possible to keep me logged in mid-reply (while I get distracted, go for coffee, etc,)? Very frustrating to get that "you must be logged in" and lose whatever I've written.

2. Posts become un-editable after a short time, even if no one has replied to them. I'd prefer to change that so I can edit my posts at least until there's another reply. Can this be tweaked? Cheers.

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Posted by DLuek on 28/4/2014 at 21:49 TF writer

Myself and busylizzy (among others I assume) have also complained about the "mid-reply timeout"; now I always remember to copy posts that take a while but I agree it's frustrating... Somtam?

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Posted by caseyprich on 28/4/2014 at 23:13

Third that. Or is that fourth?

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Posted by SBE on 29/4/2014 at 03:54

Fifth. Maybe a petition would help.

I'm pretty sure Somtam already knows how irritating many people find the timeouts and time's not like people haven't been complaining for years and years about this. The solution is always for the user to jump through hoops rather than the bugs ever getting fixed.

Every time someone complains about getting timed out in the middle of a long detailed reply, Somtam always says we allow X minutes for you to write a post and and that's heaps. Or he advises you to save your post before hitting the preview button. What he doesn't really explain is WHY there has to be a time limit in the first place. It's not a school exam so why can't people write posts as slowly and intermittently as they want?

Enabling "remember login" doesn't do anything useful as far as I can tell. All it does is to make your name visible at the bottom of the page whenever you look at TF. I think it's just enabling some kind of tracking cookie.

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Posted by exacto on 30/4/2014 at 19:50

Wow. Bad day?

I think this has happened to me no more than a half-dozen times since 2006. Is it really a frequent problem for others? Are you sure the culprit is even Travelfish? I ask because here in Estados Unidos, the wi-fi drops out from time to time. Sometimes I'm on Travelfish when it happens, but mostly it is while I'm on other sites. The end result looks exactly the same but the problem is lost internet signal not the specific website I'm visiting.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 1/5/2014 at 01:15 admin

Hi all,

Will have yet another look at this. I'm just back from a trip so am on catchup at the moment.

The reason we have a cut off time is because of idiot spammers. They post a fairly normal post, then go back and edit later to put links and crap in -- makes it more time consuming to catch. So that's not going to change sorry.

a) We have a time limit because not everyone wants to remain logged in. You're in an internet cafe and forget to logout for eg.
b) Remember login works for some -- I've been logged in for about 3 years now...
c) The remember login sets a different cookie so it remembers to keep you logged in. I'm not sure what you mean by a tracking cookie.

If you are having this problem happening regularly, if you can let me know what browser and operating system you are on, that would be a great help. It's a difficult bug to fix as it doesn't effect everyone -- people can have all sorts of privacy settings on their browser that will stop this kind of thing from working.

In the meantime, if you are forever having this problem when writing a long post, before you post it, open any link on the site in a new window (right click, open in new window) and see if you're still logged in. If you're not, relogin in the new window. Then go back and post the message - it should work. Alternatively, if you don't want to do that, write your posts elsewhere and C&P them into the message box. That also works.

Thanks & apols for the hassle.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 2/5/2014 at 23:45 admin

We've just made a change with the logging out thing.

If you've been having this problem of being automatically logged out, please manually log out, then log back into the site to allow the change to take.

If you still have problems being logged out after that, please let me know by posting in this thread. Please note your operating system (Mac/Windows etc) and browser (Firefox/Safari etc)


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