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Posted by somtam2000 on 22/1/2006 at 16:31 admin

I'm somtam2000 (yes I do love my papaya pok pok) and I'll be moderating the Travelfish travel board. I'm here to answer all your questions -- or at least the ones I know the answer to -- as for those that are mysteries to me, any other Travelfish members are welcome to help me out. (I'll be cross-posting this message to all branches)

You'll see you need to be a member to post a new question or answer an existing one, but if you're already a Travelfish member, you don't need to join again. Your existing login should work just fine.

A few of general pointers;
1) I do have to sleep every now and then, so please don't always expect an answer straight away -- if you don't agree with an answer I provide, please feel free to correct me!
2) Please be nice to other members -- let's try and keep it civil.
3) Spamming is a no no. Spammers will be smacked and thrown out quick smart.
4) You are welcome to add a link to your own site -- as long as you have a link to Travelfish on the homepage of your site
5) Please don't cross-post (post the same question in more than one branch) -- pick the most appropriate branch and use that one.
6) Please don't post your email, asking for people to contact you directly
7) Posts promoting your guesthouse, hotel or other business WILL be deleted. Please don't spam.
I hope this helps you answer some of those nagging questions.

Have fun!

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