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Travelfish and adblockers

Posted by somtam2000 on 26/5/2015 at 00:06 admin

From this week's newsletter:

"A bit's been written lately about the growing use of ad-blockers among internet readers so I thought I'd pen a few quick words on them and why, if you do choose to use one, we hope you "whitelist" Travelfish.org.

Travelfish is an advertising-supported website. While the site has a number of revenue streams, including commissions on hotel reservations and insurance, one of the mainstays remains banner advertising. Google supplies the vast majority of our ads.

In some cases, Travelfish earns money when a reader clicks on an ad and in others, we earn (a smaller amount) of money when the ad is just shown to a reader. These ads are supported by complex technology that attempts to tailor ads to be for stuff it has decided (rightly or wrongly!) may be of interest to you, based partly on other ads you have clicked on. This is called "tracking and retargetting" and anyone who has clicked on an ad for sports shoes on one site suddenly to see ads for sports shoes on every site they visit, will know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, Google does not permit sites, like Travelfish, to opt out of all tracking and still use Google ads.

Google does give us a degree of control on what sort of ads will appear on Travelfish. For example, we block ads for "dating", "get rich quick", "sex" and "gambling". We block all third-party ads, social ads and expandable ads. We also block all ads from 1,874 certified Google ad networks and a couple of dozen specific websites that we just don't want to be associated with. Save not using any ads, we take as many steps as we can to keep the advertising non-invasive and non-offensive on Travelfish.

In over a decade of operation we've received a single complaint from a Travelfish reader about an advertisement. We acted immediately, blocking the advertisement and the entire industry it represented.

When I say we're an advertiser-supported website, I mean that the money we earn from advertising helps to pay our team of writers. Travelfish currently relies on three full-time writers and ten freelancers to produce the content that is displayed on the site, 100% free of charge to the reader.

Unlike some travel websites, newspapers and magazines concentrated on Southeast Asia, all of our contributors are paid. We run no "sponsored" or "branded" content. Businesses are not charged In Any Way for Anything we write about them. Our writers take no freebies. Travelfish pays its way every time.

If you choose to use an ad-blocker your actions directly affect our ability to pay our writers and to create more travel information about the region.

What you can do if you use an ad-blocker is to whitelist us. This means you will continue to see the ads that appear on our site. And if you see an advertisement that bothers or offends you, let us know. Screenshot it and send it to me personally.

If all our readers used adblockers, we would not have three full-time staff. These writers work their asses off to get useful travel information to you and we ask, please, that you whitelist us."

If you do use an adblocker and don't whitelist Travelfish, please consider letting me know (privately if you prefer), as if there is something (short of removing all ads) we can do to persuade you to whitelist us, that would be good to know.

Likewise, for anyone reading the site, please feel free to throw in your thoughts on advertising on the site.



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