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Changes to Travelfish PDF guides

Posted by somtam2000 on 31/7/2015 at 02:09 admin

Long-time Travelfish members may remember that we used to sell Travelfish guides in PDF format (you can still grab them here -- no charge, members only). Then we got all wrapped up in producing iPhone apps and stopped doing the PDF guides, as we didn't have time to do both.

We stopped the iPhone apps a year or two back and are now moving full circle -- back to paid-for PDF guides.

What this means is we'll be discontinuing how Travelfish members are able to build their own travel guide.

All PDFs will now be downloaded either via Travelfish or a separate website called Gumroad. Guides for the smaller destinations will remain free, while guides to larger destinations are available for purchase (A$3 and A$5 depending on size). You'll select the guide(s) you want, pay for them (if you've selected paid for guides) and Gumroad will then email you a download link to allow you to download the guide.

Links to the various guides will be featured on relevant pages within Travelfish. So a link for the Krabi guide will be on the Krabi location page, Battambang on Battambang and so on.

There are just two guides available at the moment - Krabi (a paid for guide) and Xieng Kok (a free one) - to see how it works, go to their respective pages, scroll down and you'll see the dialogue to grab the guide. They can also be grabbed direct from the Gumroad site. All financial transactions are handled via Gumroad in a SSL secured manner. You can read more about their security practises here. Payments can be made by credit card or Paypal.

You will not need to be a member of Travelfish to download or purchase a guide and once you get a guide, when we update it, you'll be notified by email and be prompted to download a new, updated copy (there is no charge for updates).

Why are we doing this?
In no particular order:
* The larger guides (to capital cities and larger islands) are so big now (200+ pages) that we had to disable generating via the site because it kept crashing and causing performance problems.
* The current system for generating a guide is confusing, especially to new readers. With the new system you'll have a guide in just a couple of clicks.
* We wanted to remove the need or people to be a Travelfish member in order to get a guide.
* We want to have more flexibility to be able to combine certain guides into collections and themes (for instance, the Trang islands or floating markets around Bangkok) and this is not possible with the current system.
* We wanted to create a new revenue stream.

What does this mean for the old system of building guides?
We are moving the guides over one by one gradually - this will take a couple of months at least. When a guide is moved, it will no longer be available via the old system. When we have moved all of them, we'll shut down the old system completely.

What will happen to my guide library?
It will remain available online until we have finished transitioning everything across. Once the move is complete, they'll remain available for 90 days, then will be deleted permanently from our server. You'll have plenty of time to download the guides to your personal computer before they are removed.

What will happen to the free iBooks?
The free iBooks will be moved to Gumroad and will be available for download there. They will remain free.

Will the new guides be any different to the existing guides?
No. They're identical save some minor layout changes.

So you're charging for something you used to give away for free?
Yes, though some of the guides will remain free.

Is the guide any different to what is on the Travelfish site?
No. As has always been the case, everything in the guide is available on the Travelfish site for free. You're welcome to browse the website and print off what you want page by page. Or you can get one of these guides to save yourself a lot of time, effort and paper.

How much will the guides cost?
There are three price levels. Guides to small destinations, generally less than 25 pages, will remain free. Medium-sized destinations, generally 25 to 100 pages, will be A$3. Larger destinations, generally more than 100 pages, will be A$5.

I bought a guide and I don't like it. Can I get my money back?
Yes. Let us know and we'll refund the purchase price. If you're not sure, perhaps try some of the free guides first to get an idea of what we're supplying.

If you have more questions, please post below and I'll answer as best I can.


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