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New mapping changes and weather on Travelfish

Posted by somtam2000 on 13/2/2017 at 03:30 admin

Hi all,

Just a note to let you know a couple of changes we're putting through the site at the moment.

New more useful maps
Around 60% of readers—sometimes as high as 75%—now read Travelfish on their phone. As such we've decided to make the maps a good deal more useful, taking advantage of some of the magic of phones.

Destination maps are now accessed via the new “map” icon to the right of the transport icon. Clicking on it opens a map on top of the page you are already on and we mark on it points of interest (primarily hotels and sights, we're slowly adding in the food) within a set radius around that destination.

You can then activate the positioning on your phone (or on your laptop if you are walking around with it!) and the map will then position you on the map. This updates in real time so the marker moves with you. This makes it a lot easier to find stuff as you walk around. Obviously you'll need a phone with internet access for this to work.

Depending on your phone and browser, the first time you ask the location aware thing to work, you will need to grant location detection. This normally happens via a pop-up, though it varies according to your device. If you don't grant that right, the location marking won't work, but the rest of the map works fine.

Currently this mapping is active only on the main location page, but we're rolling it out to all the other destination pages this week. Once this is complete, the static printable maps will only be available in the Premium member PDFs, but we feel this live-mapping is far more useful for all members, especially once you are in the destination.

Importantly, the mapping will work for Travelfish members and Travelfish premium members only. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to log in when you click on the mapping icon.

The location stuff will not be much use when you are at home, but take our word for it, it makes a big difference when you are walking around trying to find a hotel we recommended!

The weather on Travelfish
Thanks to the smart cookies at OpenWeather, we now have a live weather feed for everywhere we cover on Travelfish. It is a full five day forecast and is updated daily. The feed takes the weather from the closest weather station to the destination, so they sometimes have different names to the town. In the case of Kanchanaburi for example, the weather comes from “Ban Don Rak” which is in downtown Kanchanaburi, but sometimes the weather stations are a little bit further afield. Canggu in Bali uses Mangwi for example.

Again, like with the maps, the weather information only appears if you are logged in to the site (both Travelfish members and Premium Members see it).

Check it out
We've opened Kanchanaburi so that anyone can see it, just to get an idea of what we are doing, so if you head to our newly updated Kanchanaburi coverage, you'll be able to see both working. The map icon is near the top (with the other icons) and the weather feed is at the bottom of the page.

As always, and feedback or questions welcome.



#1 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 8,058

Posted by gecktrek on 13/2/2017 at 14:42

wow, excellent upgrades, can not wait to test them out on my travels! also, do like the addition of the kanchanaburi markets in the food and drink page, any chance of adding those (different icon?) to the map?

#2 gecktrek has been a member since 24/3/2013. Location: Australia. Posts: 171

Posted by somtam2000 on 16/2/2017 at 00:07 admin

How to you mean different icons?

At the moment we have one style of icon for each of the following:

Food & bars
Transport (though this one doesn't appear at the moment for eleventy billion reasons)

We're considering adding orientation stuff (embassies, immigration, police, hospital etc) but are currently undecided as these are well served elsewhere (generally) and we'd rather concentrate on our selection of other stuff (which you can't find elsewhere).

One of the things that bothers me with existing maps is they mark a lot of stuff I don't need/want so we're trying to keep it fairly simple (also the maps need to work in the PDFs and if we put too much on, they're not very useful.)

Coming soon (tomorrow hopefully) we'll be marking the particular spot you clicked on the map for. So for example if you're on the page for Jolly Frog and request the map, then all the markers will be blue, except for the one for Jolly Frog, which will be green. This makes more sense on the big, heavily marked up maps, where we may have 100+ markers, so making it easier to find the marker you are actually trying to walk towards!

Other suggestions very welcome, as am working on this at the moment (why I've been barely answering questions in the last week ha ha), so send your wish list now!


#3 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 8,058

Posted by gecktrek on 16/2/2017 at 05:56

hey, sorry i wasn't clear... as a huge fan of local markets, i was suggesting a separate icon for those markets... but given the logistics of putting all the icons onto one map, maybe best leaving it on the wish list... good luck!

#4 gecktrek has been a member since 24/3/2013. Location: Australia. Posts: 171

Posted by neharani on 7/3/2017 at 23:06

Wow that is great..nice upgradation..it will be easier for us..

#5 neharani has been a member since 23/2/2017. Posts: 49

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