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Lonely Planet Thorntree going read only from Monday: an offer

Posted by somtam2000 on 13/4/2020 at 11:29 admin

According to this post from a Throntree moderator Lonely Planet’s Thorntree is going “read only” (so no new posts) from this coming Monday—strikes me as completely bonkers as they have one of the last remaining travel forums with a fair degree of activity, but whatever—these are indeed crazy freakin times.

The forum here has quietened down an awful lot, and there are plenty of reasons for that, but me paywalling the forum is probably the biggest one. Paywalling it stopped forum spam (which was, take my work for it, the absolute bane of my life) in its tracks, but obviously was also a disincentive for people who wanted to ask (or answer) a question, but didn’t want to pay the A$35 annual fee for the privilege. Baby meet bathwater etc.

So, anyways, if anyone knows a TT member who wants an account here I’m happy to comp them into the full Travelfish site for free. The set-up will need to be by email as I don’t have time right now to code a coupon system or anything (because I stupidly write the entire codebase myself).

So, if you’re a TT member and want to do this (note this would be a full membership, not just the forum), please do this:

Please send me an email to stuartmcdonald@travelfish.org

a) Let me know your TT member name (just so I can check you are actually a TT member and not some dodgy travel agent ready to make my life a misery again).

b) Let me know what member name you would like to have on Travelfish. Ideally give me a couple of backup options just in case your member name is already taken here (there are about 120,000 accounts give or take, so you’d be surprised how many are gone).

c) I should be able to set the account up in a few minutes assuming I am awake (GMT+8) and once set up I’ll email you saying you are in and send you a link by email to reset your password and that should be it.

d) Please bear in mind that the forum here is far more bare bones than TT and the entire shebang is run by me. Patience is appreciated!

I know there are a couple of members who frequent both here and TT, so please feel free to pass this around as you see fit.

Questions, let me know.



#1 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 8,097

Posted by amnicoll on 14/4/2020 at 12:20

thanks Stuart I am sure it will be appreciated and i hope to see some om my LP friends on here soon

#2 amnicoll has been a member since 10/1/2005. Location: United Kingdom. Posts: 976

Posted by somtam2000 on 15/4/2020 at 10:50 admin

As have been asked by a TTer, and to save me answering this query over & over :)

As with everyone, a Travelfish subscription (paid or comped) gives access to the forum forever.

It is the PDF guides that require the annual renewal.

So if I comp a TT member into TF they get the forum forever, the PDFs for a year.

Questions, let me know!


#3 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 8,097

Posted by Joe80 on 22/5/2020 at 04:44

Hi Stuart,
I'd like to thank you for taking the time to run this site for so long. It's been a mainstay for my travels in SE Asia for years.
I would like to take up the offer of membership. On the L. P. site I use the name bollo22. On your website I'm Joe80. Either name suits me fine.
Cheers Joe80

#4 Joe80 has been a member since 24/10/2016. Posts: 3

Posted by somtam2000 on 24/5/2020 at 09:03 admin

Hi Joe80,

Ok, have upgraded your account (member name Joe80)


#5 somtam2000 has been a member since 21/1/2004. Location: Indonesia. Posts: 8,097

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