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Drinking water

Posted by FFfietsen on 31/8/2019 at 15:37

Hi, last year i travelled Myanmar for 14 days. I did a foodtour in Yangon and our guide explained that authorities provide clean drinkingwater throughout the country. Often found on large containers, allthough sometimes in claypots.
Next februar we will return to Myanmar by bicycle.

My question. Is this provided water save to drink. Don't mind paying to buy water, but don't want to buy plastic bottles if i can avoid.

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 1/9/2019 at 11:15

Hi. I noticed the clay pots of drinking water when i was in Yangon a few years ago, but I don't remember seeing them everywhere in the country, so they may not be very common outside some cities. But regardless of how common they are, i still wouldn't trust them.

How can you be certain the water a) started clean enough, and b) stayed clean enough? In Yangon, I saw plenty of locals dipping the attached cup in, having a drink, then leaving the cup for the next person to use. That seems to me to be a good way to share communicable diseases.

So if you don't want to buy bottled water all the time, you may be able to find reverse osmosis machines where you can refill your bottles, but apart from refill stations, your other option is treating water to make it clean (boiling / chemical / barrier filtration / combination of these / etc.)

Enjoy your trip

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Posted by koolaukid on 19/9/2019 at 11:13

Consider something like a Steripen or a Grayl water filter. I've used a Steripen for quite a while traveling with absolutely zero problems.

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Posted by neharani on 23/11/2019 at 11:12

Drinking water in clay pot is very safe for us but during travel not possible to carry these pots safely.

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Posted by exacto on 30/11/2019 at 00:21

I agree with Antonia on being cautious using these types of shared water sources. Look, even if it is sparkling clean, which seem unlikely, there are almost certainly local bacteria that most of us as travelers wouldn't have, which could create an unwanted and unnecessary short term illness. I can think of plenty of times when friends and family visited me in Thailand, where they got sick and I didn't because I'd adjusted to local bacteria but they hadn't. Be smart. Be safe. koolaukid makes a great suggestion about using a filter, but don't use the clay pot shared water source. Ta.

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Posted by FFfietsen on 3/12/2019 at 20:30

It's not only about the claypots. In the big cities they have those huge aluminums containers. Our guide told us it is safe to drink.
We do bring a filter though, so I assume we would use that when tapping the water from the big tanks.

I'm a bit anxious about using the water though

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