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2 honda win motorbikes for sale

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Posted by Stormdot5 on 30/7/2011 at 21:37

I'm currently staying in the hanoi backpackers hostel and am looking to sell my motorbike. I just travelled all the way from saigon with my friend and we both had loads of fun travelling up. We are now looking to pass on our motorbikes so someone else can enjoy the experience.

The motorbikes have caused very little trouble the entire trip and have soldiered on throughout. I do all the work my own bike in the uk so I know how to look after a bike.
The only problems we had were the chains were getting old but that now means you are buying bikes with nearly new chains!
They have also just had the spark plugs and oil replaced so they run really well with really crisp gear changes.

We met loads of people while travelling up and these bikes are among the most fuel efficient ones out there. You'll be able to get really far on a tank. somewhere between 250 and 300km.

We're looking for about 300 US dollars for each but flexible on price, and we also have helmets, a toolset and luggage straps. I'll also give you a rundown on how to look after the bike if you're not experienced with them.

Throw me an email at if you're interested.

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