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Honda Win and Minsk available in Hanoi

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Posted by fostertrev on 10/8/2011 at 11:46

Posted from within Vietnam.

Hey everyone

My friend and I have just arrived in Hanoi after a month trip up from Saigon. I bought my Honda Win from a bike shop in Saigon, he got his from a different shop. Put 3,000kms on it and had very minor issues only (flat tire, tightening gears, etc). They both still ride like a dream.

We're asking $300 for each, there are photos of the bikes as well which we can send on request.

Trevor and Mike

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Posted by nickdc on 14/8/2011 at 16:19

Hi, I was wondering if the bikes are still available?

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Posted by fostertrev on 14/8/2011 at 18:03

Posted from within Vietnam.

Yes the Win is available now, the Minsk should be available in a few days. Open to negotiations!

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Posted by fostertrev on 14/8/2011 at 21:40

Posted from within Vietnam.

Price drop on the Honda Win. I'll let it go for $240 if someone takes it before the 16th!

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Posted by vanbors on 16/8/2011 at 10:39

Posted from within Vietnam.

Hi Nickdc,

Trevor sold his Win yesterday but mine is still available. This is an awesome Minsk that's taken me from Cambodia to Saigon and up through the mountains to Sapa and finally Hanoi , where I'm very reluctantly having to let it go.

I've had the bike since June and have had a great experience on it, no breakdowns whatsoever but I did have any potential issues taken care of prior to their becoming a problem as I'm very familiar with the mechanics of these bikes (have had 2 previously). I've repaired many Minsks in the past and this one is by far the most reliable I've encountered; just had it checked out by a mechanic as well. In the past month I've put a new clutch cable on the bike, new clutch chain and clutch pads, new back brake pads, and a new front tire.

I have also changed the clutch oil regularly (every 1,000 km or so) and cleaned the carburetor once a month.

The bike comes with a full array of tools (4 or 5 wrenches, an adjustable spanner, spare electrical wire, electrical tape, towing rope, needlenose pliers, flathead pliers, 2 screwdrivers, bungee cables etc), and more importantly spare parts (generator coils, transducer coil, electrical box, sparkplug, etc). I've never actually had to use the parts but they're there just in case! I'll also throw in my Vietnam atlas, Vietnam Lonely Planet if you want it, helmet, and a very oily, beat up copy of Digby's Minsk repair manual. The bike comes with its ownership card as well.

I'm asking $300 for the bike considering the maintenance I've done on it. If you're interested, get in touch with me at (I can send pics via e-mail) or give me a ring on +84 126 465 0887. I'll be in Hanoi for a while, at least until the 20th or so.

Take it easy,


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Posted by gabrielgodin on 18/8/2011 at 21:19

Hi man, I could buy you minsk. could you call me at 0128 5963 559. im in hanoi.... thanks

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