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wanted decent used Touring Motorbike in Singapore

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Posted by zilley on 7/11/2011 at 03:12

Iam planning to fly into Singapore in mid-late December and buying a decent butcheap touring motorbike and using to to travel through Malaysia, to Koh PhanganIsland, to Bangkok, then through Cambodia, into Vietnam staying in Ho Chi Minhthen making my way up to Hanoi . When I get to Hanoi I will sell the motorbikebefore returning home.

That’sthe plan.

Ihave never tried to purchase a motorbike before and certainly not in a foreigncountry. I need all the help I can get. If you know anything about any of thesethings it would be much appreciated:

-whatkind/model of Motorbike I should be looking for and at what price
-whereto find such a bike in Singapore on relatively short notice
-informationabout insurance and liscence requirement for a trip like this
-roadconditions through the area and local laws and other things I should have toworry about
-whatkind of research should I be doing before I leave
-amazingplaces to see on my trip through South East Asia
-anyand all advice for me on my adventure


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