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2x Wins from Vietnam-Motorbikes avaiable in HCMC end of month

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Posted by Adam_83 on 22/3/2012 at 11:26

Posted from within Vietnam.

BIKES FOR SALE SOON (HCMC) brought from Vietnam-Motorbikes in Hanoi

Hay Adam and Sarah here

We are having the best time on these bikes and will be looking to sell them in HCMC by the end on the month, they include all papers (blue owner cards and 2 keys for each) and have just been serviced again. if you are interested please let me know as we are having so much fun moving from one place to the other. if you are thinking of doing Vietnam on a bike, do it! you will not regret it. The Hi Van Pass was really good and Highway 15 and soon 14 are equally as impressive.

As said we got the bikes from Vietnam-Motorbikes and Anthony and Clay are really great people. the bikes where fully rebuilt for us so new clutch,breaks, oil, spark plug, HT lead, bulbs, engine internals etc etc, new engines basically.

bikes come with:
luggage racks.
2x helmets,
2x coats - 1 Adidas thick bomber jacket and 1 thick puffer jacket (and scarfs if you want them)
1x saddle bag (Really useful and holds loads)
1x can WD40
1x Tool Kit (spanner, screw driver,spare spark plug, spear electrical relay)
several bungees
Vietnam-Motorbikes guide of recommended mechanics for the trip in case of breakdown
Vietnam-Motorbikes voucher book for the places we didn't stop at (free beer,free breakfast etc)
Vietnam-Motorbikes trouble shooting guide (if no start do this, check this etc, not had to use it as the bikes are great)

We don't want a lot for these bikes, we just want to try to get a bit of money back, if we cant sell them we will be taking them to Cambodia,

we are after $200 for each bike (sorry no offers) including all of the above and must sell as a pair, they cost us over $400 each,as I said we are not trying to make money we are just trying to make a bit back and share the experience.
Let us know if you are interested as we are more then happy to discuss our trip with you and give a few pointers. also i can send pictures.

we trust these bikes as they came from a reliable source as you we all know Vietnam-Motorbikes and their reputation for supplying reliable, strong bikes (these two are testament to that reputation) and i have no doubt in my mind that they will be running up and down Vietnam for years to come.

also Sarah has never ridden a bike before and these are so easy to get the hang of, i am an experienced rider and to be honest this is the most fun i have ever had on a bike in my life.

Please give us a call

All the best

Adam & Sarah (UK)

01673070212 (Vietnam Number) (email)

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Posted by Adam_83 on 23/3/2012 at 03:13

Posted from within Vietnam.

also forgot to say they come with 2x waterproof ponchos with poppers down the sides so you can cover the bike also, looks like a big tent for you and the bike lol

and also a price list of all parts from Vietnam-Motorbikes so if you need to use a mechanic you know what you should be paying so you don't get ripped off (doubt you will need it though but nice to have just in case)


Adam and Sarah

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Posted by Adam_83 on 29/3/2012 at 21:49

Posted from within Vietnam.

forgot to say also includes a good chain and 2x waterproof trousers

will be in Saigon tomorrow if you want to take a look, we have seen many bikes on our trip down from Hanoi that travelers have brought and compared top those ours are in really good condition and have not let us down once.


Adam & Sarah

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Posted by Adam_83 on 3/4/2012 at 03:08

Posted from within Vietnam.


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