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Sym (Honda) win 110cc

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Posted by TroelsBH on 8/8/2012 at 13:03

Posted from within Vietnam.



After finishing riding about 3.000 km through Vietnam, I'm sadly done (for this time).

About the bike:
Picture with my luggage on it:
I've removed the extra cushion if you noticed that, as I thought it looked hideous, and honestly wasn't that comfortable.
Sym (Taiwanese brand, do not mistake it for cheap Chinese stuff, it's exactly like the Honda) Win, 110cc
Bike has been driving great for my trip, and with plenty of power for the hills
Only thing I'm aware of being defect is the speedometer (when you drive around you'll see more people having a broken speedometer than a working one, but as far as I know not an expensive fix if it really bothers you)
I've been to the mechanics a few times (always been able to drive to one), where the biggest repair I've needed has been replacing the carburetor. This including an oilchange, and tightening the chain was $20.
Oil has been changed regularly. All light works, so it's also fine for night driving!

If you're interested, the helm can be included (brought from America by the previous owner, think it's a Large, but yeah try it).
Bike of course comes with the blue ownership card, bungecords or whatever those straps to tie luggage to it is called, a chain with lock if you should want to lock it.
Also have some kneepads, I got them with the bike, never used them, so I'll pass them along if you're interested.

I'm already in Hanoi, so looking to hopefully sell it soon. I imagined getting 6 million VND or $280... it is the 110cc version!

Please email me on "troels @" without the spaces if in any way interested or curious. I'll be happy to pass on any advice I can if you're interested in it.
Even if buying another bike, best of luck with your trip in Vietnam, it's an amazing experience!!!

Troels (from Denmark)

Forgot to say it's a manual 4-speed. Happy to try and teach you if you're not used to manual.

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