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Two Honda Win 100cc 4-gear motorbikes for sale in Hanoi ($290 each, incl. all extras!!!):

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Posted by Bearski on 7/9/2012 at 04:00

Posted from within Vietnam.

We are sad to be selling our two Honda Win's, affectionately named Flame and Dragon, after an amazing trip through Vietnam. Both bikes are 100cc, 4-gear, come with green licenses and have been well looked after (we have records of upkeep along the way). Everything is in working order, like indicators, electric starters, lights, etc. We made sure to service the bikes regularly (oil changes, new spark plugs, air filter, sprockets, etc.) The bikes also come with a whack of extras (because you are special!) like bungee cords,tools, helmets, locks, map and free advice.
The bikes will be available starting the evening of 8 September back in the old quarter of Hanoi. Both bikes will be outside our hotel, called Golden Wings 2. The address is 99 Ma May, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Our contact details are: Le Roux and Amanda, Phone - 0162 8833290 or please reply to this post. For images check out our Craigslist ad:

We are selling thebikes for only $290 each which includes all the extras as listed above. What a deal!

Details of bikes:

Flame:This bike we named so because of the flame stickers on both sides of the fueltank. There is a rack mounted on the back which can be taken off. We spent $130 USD to keep this bike in topshape.
Dragon:The chosen decor for this ride were two dragons flanking the fuel tank. There are two very convenient side racks mounted on the back that can fold up when not in use. We spent $100 USD to keep this ride in fine form.

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