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Want to buy a motorbike for Vietnam (Honda Win)- i Sell one in hanoi

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Posted by ddebouverie on 10/10/2012 at 20:26

Posted from within Vietnam.

Wantto buy a motorbike for Vietnam (Honda Win)-i Sell one in hanoi
Hi guys:

Riding a motorbike is definitely the best way to discover Vietnam! But now time has comme forme to leave it.
the bike is in good condition and come along with registration paper.

also i've just done a full check up bya mechanic, so it's on perfect shape.

I had no big problems with the bike, some minor repairsand i recommende thehonda win since it is very common so even a child on the road can fix them.
Full registration document (chassis number etc all match – not that easy tofind)
Full head helmet with visor, not the cheap vietnamese cap-helm
Backpack rack
3 bungee chords for attaching bags
Best Vietnam road map i've seen.
Will also pass on all knowledge on how to use the bike, recommended routes etc

Bad points:
I can also provide the contact details of the mechanic so that if anything doeshappen to go wrong on the way you can get in contact and track the history ofwork done to the bike

I'm asking for 280 dollars but I'll accept reasonable offers.

My email is

i'm arriving in hanoi(12 octobre)



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