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Honda Win in Hanoi

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Posted by ncsuang on 1/11/2012 at 06:15

I'm selling my mean, green, machine. It's a Honda Win and comes with blue card, helmet, straps, maps, and maybe more. I drove this guy on some of the roughest roads in north Vietnam and he's come out on top. I'll try to be as detailed and honest as possible so as not to waste yours or my time.

During my journey all I've had to do other than typical maintenance like oil change and tightening the chain is replace the back brake and clutch cable. Engine is solid.

The headlight is rounded, unique on these bikes. It's heavier but barely sips gas and it's weight gives better stability around curves. It is a manual transmission (good for mountain roads) but I can teach you if you dont know how and are worried about it.

Let's be honest, these bikes aren't here to win beauty contests. They're simple, reliable, and cheap to fix. Odometer and speedometer don't work but that's common for these. Remember, it's just the bare essentials (lights work) so no heated seats or iPod connection either. Kickstarter engine.

Its good to go but at some point it probably needs to have the carburetor cleaned and replace the front brake. I can do this if you'd like but price will change accordingly.

Asking $225 or 4.9 million dong. Phone is best and quickest way to contact me. Or you can email but I'll take longer to respond. 012 7737 1517

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