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Suzuki GN125 in HCMC 4/11

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Posted by thelorax121 on 3/11/2012 at 23:42

Posted from within Vietnam.

We've reached the end of an era, and it is time for me to part ways with my beloved Suzuki.

If you are planning on driving up to Hanoi , this is the bike for you. Better than the usual Win for so many reasons. I owned a Win for a year and sold it for a loss in Hanoi before driving down because it was under powered at 100cc and so unreliable, plus they are very VERY difficult to resell in Hanoi due to the flooded market(it took me almost two weeks and I still lost $100 of my investment). In hopes that you don't make the same mistake, I am offering Suzy, a hot commodity here and in the North that will maintain her resell value due to her relative rarity, quality AUTHENTIC Japanese heritage, strong engine, and overall badass appearance [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]

As for the specs and gear, The engine is 125cc, manual clutch which give you plenty of power to cruise up the steep passes in the Central Highlands and Northern Provinces. The seat rivals the comfort of a lay-z boy recliner which is crucial for the day-long drives, and is large enough to comfortably seat 2 people with gear on the back. There is a locked GIVI box on the back that removes with the flick of a key, and a windshield on front to block the rain, bugs, falling rocks, and all other things that might attack you on the open road. All electronics are working; lights, signals, speedo lights etc. The bike was originally bought from a mechanic in Hanoi, and tuned up regularly at official Suzuki dealers. Before I left Hanoi, the back tire and rear shocks were replaced to ensure a smooth ride. All along the trip south, the oil was changed at 500km intervals (again always at Suzuki dealers).

In summary: This is a beautiful, reliable bike that will take you anywhere you want to go. It is a motorCYCLE; manual clutch and is heavier and more powerful than your typical VN motorbike. I have the registration papers, so if you want to drive to Laos, Cambodia and beyond, you are good to go!

The price of 500 usd/10.4mil VND obo includes the registration papers, two sets of keys, an aftermarket windshield and lock box (together worth $75 alone), 1 European standard helmet and 1 VN style helmet and protective riding gloves.

Please email or text me if you are interested, or have any additional questions. I will be in the Backpacker's District, and can meet anywhere in Dist. 1


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