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2x Honda CUB Ho Chi Minh (50cc on paper, more power though!)

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Posted by brikos on 4/11/2012 at 04:13

Posted from within Vietnam.

For sale:

2 honda super CUB, 50cc on paper: no lisence required!. These brave little bikes brought us from Hanoi to Dalat without problems what so ever. Since we planned to stay here to rest some days we plan to arrive in Ho Chi Minh at 9-11 and would like to sell our reliable travel companions over there. The price: 300 USD each. Prefferably bought together at once.

More info:

The two CUB's are 50cc on paper, meaning they are allowed to be driven by foreigners in Vietnam. Foreigners are not allowed to drive motorbikes over 50cc without the posession of a Vietnamese driver's lisence!, although it is often done, it is strongly reccomended not to drive more than 50cc because of heavy punishment in case of serious accidents, and also your travel insurance can retreat their support if you drive illegally. Read more about this topic on:

Because of the low power output of a 50cc engine we had them fitted with a big bore kit, giving them about the same power as the more often chosen Honda Win. This was done together with various other improvements such as bigger luggage racks, complete mechanical checkup etcetera. All was done verry well by vietmotorbikes in hanoi. The bikes are original Japanese quality, no chinese immitation, thus reliable. The honda CUB is not often driven by foreigners, however it is the most sold bike in the world and in vietnam. Meaning there are spare parts and knowledge available everywhere incase a repair would be required. Also the CUBs are gaining cult status in Vietnam so compared to otherbikes they do not suffer from depreciation. The bikes have a foot operated gearbox for a real motorbike experience and better power control in the mountains, but an automatic clutch for easy maneuvering through cities.

The bikes come with good quality helmets, bungees, locks, 10 months of insurrance, ownership papers, toolkit, spare parts, a jerrycan for petrol... i.e.: ready for adventure!.

The bikes are in good condition and ready for the next adventurous traveler. If you are interested please send a mail.

Here are some pictures:


Pien and Martijn

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