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Honda Win for sale (vietnamese registred)

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Posted by kbob26 on 22/11/2012 at 23:00

We are selling motorbike honda win 110cc around 29 november in phnom Penh and around 6 december in Siem Reap, we buy it in Ho Chi Minh city 5 month ago.
we traveled with accross Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
So we had time for fix all in mechanics workshops.
-Front shock was repaired to be safe
-New Chain Kit (2000Km)
-New alternator
-New back rays wheel
-New engine piston pin
-New cylinder, piston and valves (2000km)
-New back tire
-The luggage rack is reinforced so you can be two people on the seat with bag the luggage rack.

Our asking price is 400 $.
We sell it with all necessary for repair (it can save you if your chain leave) and to travel two people.
-Tools and bicycle pump, patches and grease for the chain.
-back luggage rack who can support 2 bags easily, you can leave it easily (can be good if you stay long time in a city)
-Big waterproof cover (2mX3m), elastics straps, ratchet straps
-2 helmets

Cambodian phone number: +855 976 491 020
Email : boris.monnier(at)

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