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Posted by wouterV on 8/12/2012 at 01:43

Posted from within Vietnam.

in a few days time my 1 month travel in vietnam is over. i regret that want then i have to say goodbye to my baby. i bought her in nim binh and am driving her to saigon.

why a minsk?
The Minsk will bring you where ever you want to go. It is a good dirt-bike for tours in Vietnam and easy to handle.On the Minsk you can load almost as many kilos as you want. Yes there is a limit, but you will not reach that. The motorbikes are used for transportation in Vietnam and they are called the iron-bull.
the motorbike comes with some spare parts. i didnt bought a repair kit because in every small village along the way there are mechanics,

i sell the minsk for 300 us dollars. a pic is here


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