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FS: Genuine Japanese Honda Win 100 + Extras $600 ONO - Hanoi

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Posted by link1111 on 10/12/2012 at 20:07

Posted from within Vietnam.

Hey everyone. Thisis a bit of a long read, but it is worth it! The price is negotiable so please contact me soon if interested and I can send more pictures.

I have a genuineJapanese Honda Win 100cc for sale. I have pictures of the ownershipcard which specifically says 'Honda' and when I bought the bike I madesure the VIN numbers match the ownership card so this is the mostgenuine Honda Win that you will ever see in Vietnam (you could say it israre!). I had tested at least 5-10 bikes before I ran into this one and boughtit at first sight back in HCMC in September and had been driving it around forwork and day trips and then I traveled solo from HCMC to Hanoi on this bike. Idare you to ride other bikes and 'Honda Wins' and you will see how flimsy theyfeel and how crap the clutch, brakes and the general drive is, and if anything,it is a danger to yourself. Do note, that this bike is a manual and is kickstart only as the genuine Honda Wins were ONLY kick start. But she is easy tokick start and always starts first or second time and never has had spark plugproblems. Do note that all the electric starter Honda Wins others are sellingare all Chinese copies and will say Dragon or something else on the ownershipcard even if it is stamped Honda or Homda on the bike as Honda never madeelectric start Wins. Manual bikes are so much more fun, a lot more fueleconomic and also with the hilly roads in Vietnam, you can kick it down a gearand zoom past all the tourists and locals struggling to climb the hills intheir scooters or other auto bikes.

I had so much faithshe will never fail and so I took the off-trail Ho Chi Minh highway throughCentral Vietnam (you will not see towns for many kilometers or anyone elseriding so if you break down, you are stuck but it is possibly the best rideever in my life and you can floor it without any cops) and I only packed aspare clutch cable, relay and a spark plug and some tools but I did not need touse these at all and I will provide these with the bike. She is really lightand from all the bikes I have ridden, she is possibly the easiest and most funbike to lean into corners. She has an awesome aftermarket exhaust and I had setmyself a challenge and I have never needed to use my horn in all my time inVietnam as everyone moves out of the way when you rev her a bit. She turnsheads as she sounds like a beast and drives like one too. Her suspensiontravels well and barely bottoms out unless you drop her in a massive hole. Forbeing only 100cc, I have easily maxed out the speedo at 120km/h and she stillwants to keep going. You will never get a better trouble free bike and shefeels like a much bigger bike. She easily rode off road in really bad dirttrails since she has decent suspension travel distance without bottoming out.

Service history: Ihave changed the oil every 500km and babied her. I did a heap of km's back inHCMC and lots of day trips on the original non working Honda speedo but beforeI left for Hanoi, I had a new working & accurate speedo and odometer fittedso you know when you need to refuel (she does about 200-250km or more but Ialways refueled at around 200km) and also you know your speed so you don't getpulled over by cops. She has only been fueled from the main chain Petrolimexand I paid extra to use premium Castrol Oil. I have recently tightened thechain and changed the battery (wasn't necessary except for the neutral lightsince the engine is able to power the other lights) so everything works tiptop. She is in mint condition and I have regularly washed her. Other than this,I have not needed to do any other engine rebuilds nor need to have any otherparts changed. I was told these are all the original fairings from Honda andyou will not see another like her. She also draws attention to herself sinceeveryone wants to take a picture of you on the bike!

Extras: I had anextended rack fitted in HCMC to take two bags horizonal or one comfortablyparallel to the bike and also I had purchased a euro spec HJC CL-ST full facehelmet with visor (you can check theSHARP rating) which has protected me from so many stones, dust, exhaust andeven the water that flies from trucks that are carrying pigs. I am alsoincluding a Dainese Rossi 46 mesh jacket which lets enough air in to keep youcool and also keeps you dry (I never needed to wear a raincoat with jeans, thisjacket and a full face helmet) but the main fact is that this jacket has a backprotector and elbow protectors to keep you safe in case someone runs into you(I worked in the hospital in HCMC and I have seen terrible accidents so trustme, all this gear is necessary and you won't feel hot at all).

This bike is easyfor beginners or experts to ride and I will teach you all the tricks I havelearnt, I will show you the routes I took and if you don't know how to ride abike, I will spend some time to teach you as well since I don't fly out of HCMCuntil January. I will throw in the tie downs and the maps I have, and if youhave an Android phone I will guide you to the software that I used to go fromHCMC to Hanoi without having to use my maps at all.

I will be really sadto see her go and wish I could keep her for longer. Trust me, it is a largeprice ($600USD ONO) to ask but ride some other bikes and then come to this one andyou will not think twice. For the most trouble free riding which allows you toenjoy Vietnam without being frustrated over a dead minsk or other bike, buy agenuine Honda Win and this girl is the one you want. After saying all this, Ibelieve you won't think I am too crazy if I said I gave her a nickname (Vicky)since she was my travel buddy and made the trip enjoyable and so much fun asshe just kept going !

I will be arrivingin Hanoi soon and would love to sell her so that I can fly toBangkok to meet friends but if she doesn't sell soon, I will ride the northwest loop and keep this advertisement going.

Feel free to ask meany questions and I will reply to you asap. I hope to sell to a fellow tourist,or an expat living in Hanoi as I know they won't butcher this bike andhopefully will treat her just as good as I did.

Cheers and safetravels!

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Posted by mountaincrash on 24/1/2013 at 00:26

Posted from within Vietnam.

Do you still have this bike? Where in Vietnam are you?

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