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Phnom Penh Improvement Project

Posted by Rasheeed on 1/4/2011 at 13:23

So I was reading a bit about the project and am wondering about the time frame as it wasn't too clear.

While we will all miss Russian Market, most of who have spent time in Phnom Penh know that parking is a major issue and will continue to be unless steps are taken. So they're taking'm...

Anywho, so is the plan to demolish it all at the same time? Or are they planning on keeping some of it up for historical/tourism reasons for a while? And does that mean that all the souvenir vendors are going to head to other markets like my beloved O'Russey?

Details? Anyone?


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Posted by sayadian on 1/4/2011 at 21:40

First I've heard of this and I've just returned from 4 months in Cambodia.
Firstly, how will knocking down the Russian market improve parking? For a start it's way out of the centre.As far as the Khmer are concerned there is no parking problem as they just park up on the sidewalk blocking pedestrians.I can't really see a way of improving parking, though I've heard that they have started 'booking' cars parked in unsuitable places (whatever that means)
Is this one of those 7 day wonders which will soon be forgotten or are they serious.If so they need to find land to build multi-storey car parks.Where? good question.Admittedly, Phnom Penh has turned from a city of motorbikes 5 years ago to a city of 4*4's and therein lies the problem.It needs a bus service not more parking.
Personally, I wouldn't miss the Russian market, O'Russy is much more interesting and has real bargains not tourist rip-offs.
If a plan does go ahead I hope it will be better organised than the shambles on Lakeside where the $8,000 limit on compensation has caused a great deal of resentment and hardship.

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Posted by AbigailatPenhandInk on 11/4/2011 at 16:49 TF writer

..............At least cosmetically, the Central Market project has gone well. The building looks great now, and the new stalls around the outside are well matched in style. However, I know there are some issues with stall holders having their rents increased substantially and either moving away or having to put their prices up.

I don't think Russian has any more problems for parking than other markets. All roads outside markets are a bit bonkers here, it's part of the charm. I agree that the 4X4 issue is the one which really needs addressing - just because you have big wheels shouldn't mean that you take priority, or that you don't need to pass a test!

I like that all the markets have a different atmosphere, and I wouldn't even want to lose the Russian. True, it's full of tourists and stuff for tourists, but there's some things that I haven't found anywhere else. I also love O'Russy and Olympic has a lot going for it too. And nothing beats the tin roofs and wet market of Psar Chas for a real Cambodia experience!

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Posted by eastwest on 12/4/2011 at 17:07

This is also news to me. Do you have any more information Rasheed?
I agree with sayadian that knocking Russian Market down won't do anything to solve the problem.
Somehow I can not imagine that buses instead of Lexuses will be the answer as well. It might be in theory but all those Lexus owners didn't buy their car for convenience. It's all about status and a bus service might attract poorer citizens away from their mopeds but in no way will the Lexus driver think in the morning "hey, I'm going to be efficient, save cost and the environment and take the bus"

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Posted by sayadian on 12/4/2011 at 18:51

You have a good point about the Lexus drivers.They certainly won't use a bus service.There is,however,a desperate need for a public transport system though as many people spend a great deal of their salaries on motodops or buying motorbikes.The only way forward would be a ban on the damn things but that's hardly likely to happen.Maybe a one-way system might help.I'll mention it to Hun Sen next time I see him

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Posted by eastwest on 12/4/2011 at 20:30

Fully agree with you there. Did you know there has been a plan for a sky train in PP for several years now? They even showed the plans in PP Post but nothing ever happened.

Best to tell your friend Hun Sen on the way out

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